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Mobile Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Mobile, Alabama
If you live in or near Mobile, Alabama, and are considering adoption, you may not know that there are resources to help you right in your home town. Whether you are pregnant and thinking about placing a baby for adoption or a family hoping to grow, the list of resources here will help you through the adoption process in Mobile from beginning to end.
For even more information on the adoption process, see our Adoption in Alabama page.

Adoption Agencies and Professionals in Mobile

Whether you are considering adopting or placing a baby for adoption in Mobile, the professional you choose to work with can provide the guidance, services and support you need through the adoption process.
Some adoptive and birth parents are most comfortable working with a local or regional adoption agency. The following Mobile adoption professionals can help you complete your adoption:

Mobile Foster Care Resources

Parents looking to adopt an older child or provide temporary homes for children can pursue foster care in their home town. In order to be a foster parent in Mobile, you must meet the following Alabama requirements:

  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • For married couples, be married at least one year
  • Complete background checks and a home study
  • Provide references
  • Attend foster parent training and First Aid/CPR certification

To learn more about foster care and available children, or to begin the process of becoming licensed, contact one of your local foster care professionals:

Home Study Providers

If you want to adopt a child in Mobile, you must first find an Alabama-licensed social worker to conduct a home study for you. When you find a home study provider, they will help you through the process of completing a background check, home inspection, and interview to make sure your home is ready for a child.
To get your home study started, contact one of the following Alabama home study professionals:
Near Mobile:

  • Children of the World
    This international adoption agency provides “Home Study Only” services to parents who are pursuing adoption with another professional.

In Alabama:

  • Conner Adoption Services
    Rebecca Conner is an Alabama-licensed social worker who will provide domestic and international home studies to families anywhere in the state.
  • T.H.E. Social Work Services
    Run by Kathie L. Butler, LCSW, PIP, this adoption service provider is experienced with domestic and international adoptions, interstate adoption laws, and home studies.
  • Alabama Social Work Services
    At Alabama Social Work Services, you can contact Tyler Simmons, LCSW, PIP, for assistance with your Alabama home study.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Alabama home study providers.

Hospitals near Mobile

If you are an expectant mother pursuing adoption, you will need to consider your hospital plan as your due date approaches. As a prospective birth mother, you can work with your adoption specialist and healthcare provider to determine the type of labor and delivery experience you want to have.
When you are ready to begin creating your hospital plan, here are some Mobile area hospitals that may be able to assist you:

Alabama Adoption Laws and Requirements

If you are pursuing adoption, you should become aware of the laws that regulate the adoption process and protect the rights of everyone involved. To learn more about the details of adoption regulations and requirements, visit our page on How to Adopt in Alabama. For an overview on adoption laws pertaining to birth parents and adoptive families, read the sections below.
Birth Parents:
In order for a child to be legally adopted, the rights of both birth parents must be terminated. Alabama consent laws require 5 days to pass before a mother’s consent will be legally recognized. This waiting time protects you from making a legal decision while in a compromised state.
The father of the child may consent to the adoption up to six months before the adoption takes place. If he cannot be located or you cannot obtain his consent for another reason, speak to your adoption professional about your options.
Adoptive Families:
In Alabama, the basic requirements for adoption eligibility determine who is allowed to adopt a child in the state. Additionally, your adoption professional may have its own set of requirements that you must meet in order to work with them. Other criteria for eligibility can include age, marital status, or religious affiliation. If you have any concerns about your adoption eligibility, speak to your professional.

County Court Information

All adoptions must be finalized in court before they are legally recognized. This usually takes place about six months after you take your baby home, and your adoption professional will give you more information closer to the date of your finalization. In the meantime, you can visit the Mobile County Probate Court’s adoption page for more information on court proceedings in your area.

Things to Do in Mobile

If you adopt a child in Mobile from another state, you will have to remain in the state of Alabama for 7-10 business days to wait for legal clearance. In the meantime, you can find some of the following things to do in Mobile: