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Montgomery Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Montgomery, Alabama
Whether you are a prospective adoptive parent or a pregnant mother considering adoption, you are likely wondering where to go for help with your adoption plans. Luckily, you can find plenty of resources right in your hometown.
If you live in or near Montgomery, Alabama, the following article will provide you information for adoption agencies, home study providers, and other resources near you. More information can be found on our Alabama adoption page.

Montgomery Adoption Agencies & Professionals

Whether you are ready to begin the adoption process or are simply looking for more adoption information, local adoption professionals can be great resources for the services and support you need. The following adoption agencies and attorneys work with Montgomery residents and are experienced in meeting the needs of adoptive and birth parents in Alabama:

Foster Parent Resources in Montgomery

If you are interested in fostering a child in or near Montgomery, Alabama, you will need to meet all state requirements for foster parents, including:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Meet all standards for an Alabama foster home
  • Pass a background check
  • Show evidence of good health

The following local agencies and resources can also provide additional information about becoming a foster parent in the Montgomery area:

Montgomery Home Study Resources

For adoptive parents, the home study is one of the most important parts of every adoption and foster care process. The Alabama home study includes criminal history and child abuse registry checks, as well as separate and joint interviews with the adoptive applicants and all adults and children residing in the applicants’ home.
For more information about what to expect during the home study process, visit our How to Adopt in Alabama page.
It is important to choose the right professional to complete your adoption home study and ensure it complies with all state laws and requirements. To get started, contact a home study provider in your area:
Near Montgomery:

  • A Angel Adoptions
    This agency’s primary goal is to serve prospective birth parents, but they gladly work with adoptive families on the adoption process, home studies, and more.

In Alabama:

  • Conner Adoption Support Services
    Rebecca Conner is a licensed social worker with experience conducting domestic, international, and interstate adoptions and home studies.
  • Alabama Social Work Services
    Run by Tyler Simmons, LCSW, Alabama Social Work Services is an experienced and reliable contact for Alabama families looking to start a home study.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Alabama home study providers.

Hospitals near Montgomery

One of the most emotional parts of the adoption process, both for birth parents and adoptive families, is the time spent in the hospital when the baby is born. It is entirely up to the birth mother to decide how she would like her hospital stay to go.
If you are making an adoption plan for your baby, you will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure everything happens exactly as you want it to. When you are ready to begin creating your hospital plan, here are some Montgomery-area hospitals that may be able to assist you:

Alabama Adoption Laws and Qualifications

In order to adopt in Montgomery, you must adhere to Alabama’s state adoption laws. There are specific legal processes and regulations that make an adoption valid and protect the rights of the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child. Furthermore, adoptive parents must meet the adoption requirements of their state if they wish to adopt a child.
Read on for more information about adoption laws as they pertain to expecting mothers and families hoping to adopt. You can also view our How to Adopt in Alabama page.
Birth Parents:
After a child is born, both parents must legally consent to the adoption before it can be valid. In the state of Alabama, a mother can relinquish her parental rights at any time, but it will not become legally valid for five days.
The birth father’s rights must also be terminated. If he does not give written consent or if he cannot be contacted, speak with your adoption specialist about your options.
Adoptive Families:
Hopeful adoptive families must meet the adoption requirements set forth by not only their state, but also their adoption agency or professional. The state of Alabama allows any adult or husband-wife couple to adopt, as long as the prospective parents have passed their home study. More information on state adoption law can be found at the Child Welfare Information Gateway.
Your adoption professional will be able to inform you of any additional requirements that they have for you. Depending on the professional you choose, you may have to meet criteria based on marital status, religious affiliation, age, or other factors.

County Court Information

Montgomery adoptions, like all other adoptions, must be finalized in court. If you are adopting in Montgomery, Alabama, find your local courthouse and other information on the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk website.

Things to Do in Montgomery

Parents adopting from outside of Alabama must remain in the state for 7-10 business days while they wait for ICPC clearance. If you’re in Montgomery, here are a few places you can visit during this time: