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Kansas City Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Kansas City, Kansas
Whether you are hoping to adopt or place a child for adoption in Kansas City, you may be wondering where to get started. Fortunately, there are many local resources and professionals available to you. The following page will supply you with everything you need to know about pursuing adoption or foster care in Kansas City.

Kansas City Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

If you are pursuing adoption in Kansas, you may want to find a local agency or professional to help you through the process. Agencies can be especially beneficial for adoptive families or birth parents because they offer all of the necessary services in one place.

The following professionals can help you adopt in Kansas City or the surrounding metropolitan area:

Foster Care Professionals in Kansas City

Foster parents must meet slightly different requirements than adoptive parents if they want to work with a foster care agency. In Kansas, foster parents must:

  • Complete a background check
  • Attend 30 hours of training
  • Complete PS-MAPP requirements
  • Pass a home study
  • Become licensed to foster in Kansas

If you are ready to begin the foster care process or are looking for more information, you can contact a local adoption professional:

Home Study Professionals

In the home study process, a social worker will conduct a background check, a home inspection, and a series of interviews with an adoptive family. After the home study is complete, you will be officially cleared to adopt a child.

To begin your home study or find more information, consult the following list of Kansas-licensed home study providers:

Near Kansas City:

  • Adoption & Beyond
    A full-service adoption agency, Adoption & Beyond will complete home studies for families working either with them or another professional.
  • Adoption Option, Inc.
    Along with home studies, Adoption Option offers adoption resources and support groups for families and birth parents.
  • KVC Kansas
    KVC Kansas will complete home studies for adopting Kansas families, and if you are adopting a child with KVC, they will cover your fees.

In Kansas:

  • Holt International
    Here, you can find the contact information for a number of Kansas-licensed home study providers who work through Holt International.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Kansas home study providers.

Hospitals near Kansas City

As part of an adoption plan, pregnant mothers considering adoption must also make a hospital plan. Before your due date arrives, you will work with your adoption specialist to plan out your hospital stay. By creating a hospital plan, your healthcare provider, the adoptive family, and your loved ones will know who you want in the delivery room with you, how much time you’d like to have with your baby, and how much you’d like to see the adoptive family.

Below, you can find the contact information for nearby hospitals for when you are ready to think about your hospital trip:

Kansas Adoption Law and Eligibility

In order to adopt in Kansas City, you must adhere to Kansas’s state adoption laws. There are specific legal processes and regulations that make an adoption valid and protect the rights of the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child. Furthermore, adoptive parents must meet the adoption requirements of their state if they wish to adopt a child.

Read on for more information about adoption laws as they pertain to expecting mothers and families hoping to adopt. You can also view our How to Adopt in Kansas page.

Birth Parents:

After a child is born, both parents must legally consent to the adoption before it can be valid. In the state of Kansas, a mother must wait at least 12 hours after giving birth before she can voluntarily terminate her parental rights.

Kansas law does not specify when a birth father may consent to an adoption, but it does state that no one may give consent earlier than 6 months before the adoption. Within this window, the birth father may consent to the adoption; if he does not give written consent or if he cannot be contacted, speak with your adoption specialist about your options.

Adoptive Families:

Hopeful adoptive families must meet the adoption requirements set forth by not only their state, but also their adoption agency or professional. The state of Kansas allows any adult or husband-wife couple to adopt, as long as the prospective parents have passed their home study. More information on state adoption law can be found at the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Your adoption professional will be able to inform you of any additional requirements that they have for you. Depending on the professional you choose, you may have to meet criteria based on marital status, religious affiliation, age, or other factors.

Kansas City Court Information

About six months after an adoptive family brings a child home, they will need to appear in court to finalize the adoption. This allows time for a social worker to conduct post-placement visits, which ensure that the family is adjusting well.

When it is time to finalize your adoption, your adoption professional will contact you with information on what you need to do. For more information, you can view the Wyandotte County District Court’s contact information.

Things to Do in Kansas City

Parents adopting in Kansas City from another state must remain in Kansas for 7-10 business days before they can bring their child home. While you wait, here are some things you can do around Kansas City: