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Lawrence, Kansas
For hopeful adoptive families and prospective birth mothers alike, the adoption process requires a lot of careful thought, research, and planning. If you are pursuing adoption in the Lawrence area, you may be wondering what resources you have available to you. Whatever stage of your adoption journey you are on, the information provided here can help you with adoption in Lawrence.

Lawrence Adoption Agencies and Professionals

Your adoption professional will provide pre- and post-placement services and support through each step of the adoption process. A local or regional adoption professional can provide detailed information about adoption in your area.

Visit Adopt Kansas Kids to learn more about options in your area, or contact one of your local professionals:

Become a Lawrence Foster Parent

If you decide to adopt an older child, or if you simply want to be a temporary foster parent, you may decide to look into foster care agencies in your area. You will need to meet Kansas foster care requirements, which include:

  • Pass a background check and home study
  • Complete 30 hours of foster parent training
  • Fulfill PS-MAPP requirements
  • Become officially licensed to foster in Kansas

To get started, contact one of these Lawrence foster care professionals:

Home Study Providers

All prospective adoptive parents must complete a pre-placement and post-placement assessment to be approved to foster or adopt a child. These assessments determine whether the adoptive parents are able to provide a safe, nurturing home to a child. If you are interested in adopting a child, you can reach out to any one of these Kansas-licensed home study providers to start the process:

Near Lawrence:

  • American Adoptions
    A licensed, non-profit national adoption agency, American Adoptions is headquartered in Kansas and can take you through your home study.
  • Adoption & Beyond
    Adoption & Beyond is a full-service adoption agency that offers state-compliant home studies along with education, counseling, and more.

In Kansas:

  • Holt International
    By contacting the Arkansas/Kansas/Missouri branch of Holt International, you can find a home study provider in your state.
  • Adoption Social Work Service
    Call Adoption Social Work Service at any time for a free consultation, and when you are ready to start your Kansas home study, they will take you through the process.

Visit to learn more about Kansas home study providers.

Hospitals near Lawrence

If you are pursuing an adoption plan for your unborn child, then you will eventually need to create a hospital plan as well. As the mother, you get to decide where and how you will have your baby, who you want to be there with you, and how much time you would like with your child. Many hospitals are adoption-friendly and will help you to have a positive labor and delivery experience.

For more information, contact one of the hospitals near you:

Kansas Adoption Laws and Requirements

Expectant and adopting parents in Lawrence must abide by Kansas law when they are pursuing their adoption plans. To learn more about the process and legal procedures, visit our page on How to Adopt in Kansas. For a brief overview of laws pertaining to birth parents and adoptive families, read the sections below.

Laws for Birth Parents:

If you are placing a child for adoption in Kansas, you will be asked to consent to the adoption no sooner than 12 hours after giving birth. This allows you time to recover from labor and delivery before you make a legally binding decision.

The birth father must also consent to the adoption, or his parental rights must be terminated by an authority. If you have any questions about the birth father’s parental rights, consult your adoption professional for assistance.

Laws for Adoptive Families:

All adoptive parents must meet the basic eligibility requirements of their state. In Kansas, any individual or married couple may adopt a child. Additionally, you will need to fit the criteria of your adoption professional.

For more information on adoption laws regarding birth parent expenses, finalization, and more, visit our Kansas adoption page.

County Court Information

After you have taken your baby home and completed your required post-placement assessments, you will be able to finalize your adoption. The official process will take place in court before a judge, and your adoption professional will let you know the date of your hearing and what you need to do. For more information on proceedings in your area, see the webpage for the Courts in Douglas County, Kansas.

Things to Do in Lawrence

If you are traveling to Lawrence to adopt, you may find yourself in the city for an extended period of time as you wait for placement to occur. While you are in Lawrence, here are just a few places you can visit: