Fort Worth Adoption & Foster Care Resources

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If you are a family hoping to grow through adoption or a pregnant woman considering adoption for your baby, you will need a variety of services and support throughout the adoption process. Here, you will find local resources and adoption information for the Fort Worth area.

Fort Worth Adoption Professionals and Adoption Agencies

Prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive families should work closely with an adoption professional throughout the process. This professional will provide education, counseling and the adoption services you need to complete your adoption.

If you would prefer to work with a local or regional agency, consider the following Fort Worth adoption professionals:

Additional adoption and foster care professionals and services may be found in nearby Dallas or throughout the state.

How to Become a Foster Parent in Fort Worth

To be a foster parent in Fort Worth, couples and individuals must meet the requirements of the state and their chosen agency. For prospective foster parents in Texas, that means meeting certain age requirements, completing an application and home study, providing references and attending training.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, contact a local foster care organization:

Additional foster care information is included in our Texas adoption information or through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  

Home Study Providers in Fort Worth

Consisting of personal interviews, background checks, a home evaluation and more, the Texas home study is one of the most important parts of every adoption and foster care process.

It is important to choose the right professional to complete your adoption home study and ensure it complies with all state laws and requirements. To get started, contact a home study provider in your area:

Near Fort Worth:  

  • American Adoptions of Texas
    American Adoptions of Texas provides home study and post-placement supervision services throughout the state.
  • Adoption Answers, Inc.
    Adoption Answers, Inc. provides domestic and international home studies for adoptive parents in the state of Texas.
  • Legacy Adoption Services
    Legacy Adoption Services is a full-service licensed child-placing agency that provides domestic home studies for adoptive parents in Texas.

In Texas:  

  • Children’s Connections, Inc.
    Children’s Connections, Inc. is a nonprofit organization preparing qualified home studies and reports for all types of adoptions throughout Texas.
  • A.F.E. Project
    S.A.F.E. Project (Supportive Assistance for Family Enhancement Project, LLC) has offices in Houston and Austin with a network of more than 125 professionals providing home assessment services.
  • Adoption Choices of Texas
    Adoption Choices of Texas is a full-service licensed Texas agency with expertise in domestic and international home studies.
  • Texas Adoption Home Studies
    Texas Adoption Home Studies has been providing adoption home studies for more than 15 years, assisting hundreds of families in completing domestic, embryo, stepparent, second parent and relative adoptions throughout Texas.

Visit to learn more about Texas home study providers.

Hospitals in Fort Worth

If you are an expectant mother pursuing adoption, you will need to consider your hospital plan as your due date approaches. As a prospective birth mother, you can work with your adoption specialist and healthcare provider to determine the type of labor and delivery experience you want to have.

When you are ready to begin creating your hospital plan, here are some Fort Worth area hospitals that may be able to assist you:

Additional nearby hospitals are listed on our Dallas, Texas adoption page.

Adoption Laws and Qualifications

All adoptions taking place in Fort Worth must comply with Texas adoption laws. State adoption laws regulate many steps in the adoption process, and it is important to work with your adoption professional or adoption attorney to ensure your adoption is legally valid.

To learn more about Texas adoption laws, visit our Texas adoption page. For an overview of the legal processes that impact birth parents and adoptive families, read the following sections.

Adoption Laws for Birth Parents

To protect your rights throughout the adoption process, there are several Texas laws in place regulating adoption consent, relinquishment, paternity establishment, and more. Find this information, along with other Texas adoption laws, here.  

Laws for Adoptive Families

As you begin considering adoption in the Fort Worth area, you should become familiar with Texas adoption requirements. Texas laws regulate who is eligible to adopt, how much money can be spent on an adoption, how advertising may be used in connection with adoption, and more.  

County Courts

Following the placement of the child, every adoption must be finalized in court. Your adoption professional will work with you to coordinate the finalization process and help you complete your adoption. Find more information about the courts in your county below:

Things to do in Fort Worth

Throughout the adoption process, you may find yourself spending some time in Fort Worth, either visiting prospective birth parents or waiting for ICPC clearances. Here are some local sights to enjoy during your time in the area: