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Lubbock Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Why are you considering adoption?

People are led to adoption for many different reasons. Whether you are a hopeful couple with dreams of starting a family or a pregnant woman trying to figure out what is best for your life, adoption could be the best thing you ever do.

Adoption could also seem confusing and overwhelming. Most people don’t really know how it works, much less where to turn for help for a Lubbock adoption.

Hopeful adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption need look no further — this guide to adoption in Lubbock has the information you need. We’ll point you toward all of the vital local resources for an adoption in Lubbock as well as provide other helpful information for your adoption journey.

Adoption Agencies in Lubbock

If the only thing you take away from this guide is that you need to contact an adoption agency, you will be well on your way to starting the adoption process. Adoption agencies in Lubbock serve both pregnant women and hopeful parents throughout the adoption process.

The types of services that agencies offer are different. Some specialize in certain steps of the process while others are full-service. There are agencies that only work in Lubbock and agencies that work across the country. The type of agency you work with will depend on your unique needs — take time to research and discover what fits you best.

For your adoption in Lubbock, there are several agencies you could consider working with:

Is Adoption in Lubbock Right for You?

There’s no easy answer to such an important question. You will have to discover for yourself if adoption in Lubbock will be the best choice for your life. This process is both beautiful and challenging. It’s important to be completely committed from the start, that way the challenges don’t knock you off course.

As a pregnant woman considering adoption, ask yourself how you feel about parenting. Does the idea scare or excite you? Do you have a partner who is supportive and will help in bearing the responsibility of pregnancy and parenting? Also consider the practical implications. Can you handle the financial obligations of raising a child? What is your plan for receiving medical care during pregnancy?

Perhaps you feel you can skip right past this because you know parenting won’t work. If so, ask yourself, do you want to give both yourself and your baby an opportunity for a bright future?

Contemplating these questions will lead you to the right answer.

There are plenty of considerations for hopeful parents, too. Do you dream of starting a family? Do you see adoption as an equal and amazing way to do so, or as a second-best option? Are you ready for both the responsibilities of parenting and the unique journey of adoption? Then, there’s the logistics. Are you financially prepared for parenting and the adoption process? Can you be flexible and patient while waiting for an adoption opportunity? Do you have a support network that will encourage and help you?

Only you can know whether or not adoption in Lubbock is right for you. All we can say is that we know how beautiful adoption can be for everyone involved. Many say it is the best choice they’ve ever made.

Types of Adoption in Lubbock

The next big decision for adoptive parents is landing on the type of adoption that will be best for them. In general, there are three different ways you can adopt in Lubbock:

  • Domestic Infant Adoption
  • Foster Care Adoption
  • International Adoption

There’s not a type of adoption in Lubbock that is inherently better than the others. It’s all up to you. What is going to be best for your family? Here are a few things to consider.

You may choose domestic adoption if…

  • You want to adopt a baby from the U.S.
  • You want to work with an adoption agency
  • A controlled, safe and ethical process is important to you
  • You value the opportunity to have an open or semi-open relationship with the birth mother

You may choose foster care adoption if…

  • You are open to adopting an older child
  • The lower cost of this process appeals to you
  • You don’t mind working with the state
  • You are prepared to be patient with a process that can have unexpected twists and turns

You may choose international adoption if…

  • You see the number of children internationally who need to be adopted and feel a “calling” to do something about it
  • You are okay with international travel
  • You are ready to be patient during a long process
  • You are excited to embrace the unique cultural journey that comes with adopting a child from a different country

Each of these options for adoption in Lubbock could be right for you, depending on your circumstances.

Home Study Providers

Every type of adoption requires a home study. During the home study for adoption in Lubbock, a licensed professional will inspect your home, conduct interviews and review documents to make sure you are ready to be placed with a child. This step in the process is meant to protect children. If it ever feels stressful, just remember that everyone involved wants you to succeed.

For your home study in Lubbock, you could work with one of several licensed agencies:

Lubbock Hospitals

Aside from the adoption agency, possibly the most important resource for a prospective birth mother in the adoption process is the hospital. With the help of an adoption specialist, you’ll create an adoption plan that involves choosing where you would like to give birth and how you would like the hospital stay to go. For your adoption in Lubbock, these are a few of the hospital options you have:

Local Courts

An adoptive family isn’t quite finished with the adoption process when they are placed with the baby — there’s still post-placement visits and the final decree of adoption. To receive your final decree of adoption in Lubbock, you will most likely go to the Lubbock County Courthouse.

Next Steps in a Lubbock Adoption

This guide is meant to get you started, but you likely have many more questions. You can contact us about adopting a baby or placing a baby for adoption at any time. We will connect you with a helpful adoption professional.