5 Places to Find Beautiful Adoption Jewelry


A beautiful piece of jewelry can add class while also promoting something near and dear to your heart (literally, if you’re wearing it on a necklace). Jewelry can make a statement or even be the inscription of a statement. For many people, jewelry makes a connection to a memory or can serve as a reminder for something special in their life. In the world of adoption, an adoption necklace, adoption bracelet, adoption ring, or other types of jewelry can serve so many different purposes for those involved.

An adoption symbol necklace is a great example of a piece of jewelry that can be worn as an affectionate part of your wardrobe while also being a means of start a discussion about your association with adoption. There are so many different reasons to wear or purchase an adoption charm or jewelry. If your family has been involved in an adoption and you want something to wear to represent your affection towards an adopted family member, an adoption necklace may help depict your love. You may be looking for a gift to purchase for the birth mother in your adoption story and choose to have a piece of jewelry created just for her to represent her child and the love she shares for him/her. Adoption may just be a cause you believe heartily in and want to show your support by wearing an adoption awareness bracelet to strike up conversations about your passion. Whatever the reason may be, there are several options for getting your perfect piece of adoption jewelry.

Origami Owl

You can purchase Origami Owl jewelry on the business’ website, or you can find a design consultant near you who sells their products and buy from them. Origami Owl is a network marketing company where you can even sign up to be a part of their sales team and sell the products yourself. When browsing their site, you can see different pieces of jewelry that you can design yourself and choose the charms that will accompany your chosen piece to tell a story. If you want to create an adoption necklace to give to your child’s birth mother from Origami Owl, you may choose the birthstone charm of your baby’s birth month, an initial of your baby’s first name, the small gold heart charm, and the baby footprints. Something unique can be made to represent the bond you want your birth mother to remember when thinking of your family.


You can find just about anything on Amazon, even adoption jewelry. There are so many options when you search the keywords “adoption jewelry” or “adoption necklace” — even personalized gifts can be bought on Amazon.


Etsy can be a valuable resource for finding many unique and handmade items when shopping for adoption jewelry. The selections are limitless, and prices on Etsy are many times very reasonable for the products.

Adoption Gifts Website

On AdoptionGifts.com, adoption pendants, birth mother jewelry, an adoption symbol necklace, and much more are available in a plethora of designs where you are sure to find something that suits your taste. 

Local Jewelry Designer

There are many local entrepreneurs that are taking on the art of jewelry design and creating. Most will have some type of social media account to display their art and previous pieces they’ve made as an advertisement for their business. These designers often take requests for personalized pieces when contacted. When you go this route, you are not only getting your piece of adoption jewelry you’ve wanted, but you are also helping to support a small business owner in your community as well. With this option, you can design a very personal and intimate piece and share your story in the process.

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