8 Helpful Resources for Pregnant Women Considering Adoption


It’s the toughest decision. One with unimaginable emotions involved and scenarios considered. But many women come face to face with how to resolve their anxiety and step forward. Whatever they choose, their life will forever be changed. But how to come to that decision and how to implement it uncovers the unknowns when facing parenting or adoption.

What if there were a list of places to turn for information and help making your decision, or even resources outlining the steps to take in order to begin such a process? Who can you talk to when you need a listening ear? Take some time to consider the resources listed below if you have found yourself considering the route of adoption.

  • Adoptimist — This website includes several links to helpful views on adoption, places to connect with other birth moms or potential birth moms, adoption planning guides, and even child welfare information to support pregnant women whose one option may be adoption.

  • American Adoptions — The plethora of beneficial knowledge at hand for potential birth mothers on this website is unending. Along with general information about the adoption process, what could be seen as the agency’s most important service for pregnant women considering adoption would be their 24/7 free, no-obligation hotline. Expectant mothers can also talk directly with Michelle, an adoption counselor who is also a birth mother. To ease any anxiety by just listening or answering questions, a potential birth mom can take advantage of these and other services as she steps into the possibility of adoption.

  • Considering Adoption — What better source to use than someone who has walked the path before you? In addition to the general adoption information on our website, the Thoughts from a Birth Mother blog offers countless articles from a birth mother’s perspective. These could be great resources for thoughts you may have when considering adoption and for those times when you want an honest opinion from someone who identifies with the same feelings.

  • Adoption for my Baby — As the name of this website suggests, the information it offers to women in a situation where they could make a decision for adoption is very helpful. There are also links that take you to other websites with valuable materials and opportunities for potential birth mothers to have a variety of information in one place.

  • Brave Love — When important decisions are looming, knowing there is a place that offers encouragement and support can lessen the anxiety and strengthen confidence. Brave Love is a website that desires to recognize birth mothers for their courage in choosing adoption. They honor birth mothers’ stories and advocate for a new perspective for their choice.

  • BirthMotherThoughts.com — Looking for a support group? This website, which includes content written exclusively by a birth mother, can help you find a birth mother support group in your city or direct you on how to start one yourself.

  • UnplannedPregnancy.com — In some cases, women will need a place to stay while they are pregnant for a variety of reasons. On this website, you can find names and links to information on maternity homes in each state that house women who choose to carry their babies even in difficult situations — along with other helpful information about all of your unplanned pregnancy options.

  • Adoption Network — Adoption comes with a list of how tos and what nows. For a comprehensive look at some step-by-step suggestions when considering adoption, how to get the process started, and what to do once you’ve chosen a family, check out this website.

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