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10 Moving Adoption Quotes from Adoptive Parents

Becoming a parent is always a life-changing experience, but there’s something unique about adoption.
Here’s how these parents put it:
1. “At that moment, life was finally put in perspective and I finally felt whole.”
Steven, an adoptive father, on witnessing his daughter’s birth
2. “I think a lot of people go into adoption just wanting a baby, and it took us some time to learn just how much our birth mom was going through and how much of the adoption was about her and her baby. I think it’s important to foster that relationship with her and to realize the sacrifice that she’s making in placing a baby for adoption, and just the sheer amount of work and thought she’s put into it… She’s every bit a part of this story, as much as our son is.”
 – Katelyn, an adoptive mother, on letting go of her initial fears about birth mothers
3. “When Cate smiles her toothless grin, I see her birth mom. It reminds me of the loving choice she made for Cate, and how lucky I am that she chose me to be Cate’s mom.”
Erin, an adoptive mother, on her open adoption relationship
4. “If you are reading this, I want you to remember this: You will be a parent! It’s not a matter of how, it’s a matter of when. As you wait for your call for your match or try and decide whether adoption is the route you should go, remember that love makes a family and out there in this big fish bowl of a world is a baby that needs you just as much as you want them.”
Rebecca, an adoptive mother, on choosing adoption
5. “If I can, from our experience, give one piece of advice to prospective adoptive parents, it is DO NOT BE AFRAID! Do not let fear invade your relationship with the birth parents of your child. Remember always, love is never divided, only multiplied. I wish each and every one of you the joy that can only come when you are called ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad.’”
Sherry, an adoptive mother, on her open adoption relationships
6. “Adoption is like forming a mosaic out of a million broken pieces. When those pieces adhere together, their rough edges suddenly transform into art. No matter how beautiful, though, it should never be dismissed that the beauty started in pain.”
Claire, an adoptive mother, on the complexities of adoption
7. “Words cannot express our gratitude to both Cara and Danny’s birth parents. They are some of the strongest people we have ever met and will ever know. To know so resolutely that their babies belong in our family is so priceless and a story that our children will always be told. Cara and Danny’s birth parents have given us the most precious gifts that anyone could possibly give — they have given us life, love and eternal happiness with our forever family! Cara and Danny will always know their adoption stories and of the wonderful people who brought them into this world to join our family.”
Kevin and Colleen, adoptive parents, on their children’s birth parents
8. “Every adoption story is a story of loss.”
Audrey, an adoptive mother, on acknowledging the joys and losses the adoption triad experiences
9. “We know there are just some mountains that everyone has to climb, and there’s no right or wrong way to climb them, you just have to keep moving forward. But what we can tell you is that on the other side of that mountain is a truly miraculous view.”
Susanne, an adoptive mother, on getting through the adoption process
10. “I am no longer an adoptive father, but simply Dad. … It’s true: Having a child has changed my life, in ways I could never have predicted. I see the world differently than I once did. The future means more to me now.”
Bob, an adoptive father, on adopting later in life

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