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It’s Never Too Late to Choose Adoption for Your Baby

If you are wondering, “Is it too late to give my baby for adoption?” the answer is always no.

In fact, women often turn to adoption later in their pregnancies or even after delivery; circumstances and feelings change, and sometimes parenting is no longer a viable option. Adoption has a huge impact on both you and your baby, and such a significant decision does not come with a deadline. You can take as much time as you need to come to your adoption decision because it is never too late for adoption.

Keep reading to learn about your options for putting a baby up for adoption after birth or late in your pregnancy.


How late can you give your child up for adoption?

Regardless of your stage of pregnancy — or even if you’ve already had the baby — it’s not too late to place your baby.

“I don’t regret the adoption because I know it’s what was supposed to happen,” Casey said about choosing adoption for her twins after parenting them for two years. “I was supposed to raise them for two years so they could be with their family now. If I didn’t, they would never have had the chance to be with their wonderful family and to have all the opportunities they have in their lives.”

What is the quickest way to complete my adoption?

Contacting an adoption agency would be the best way to complete an adoption on short notice because agencies are equipped to help you with every stage of the process.

When is it too late to find adoptive parents for my coming baby?

Just like it’s never too late to choose adoption, it’s never too late to find someone to adopt at birth — adoption agencies have families who have been pre-screened and are waiting to adopt a child, and you will be able to find one that will be ready and able to raise your baby.

How long does it take to make the adoption official?

Depending on the state you live in, you can sign your adoption consent and legally complete the adoption sometime shortly after the birth of the child, usually between 12 and 72 hours.


Many women who wonder how late you can give your child up for adoption after birth find it useful to have the help of an agency because of the following benefits:

  • Everything in one place– Agencies will have waiting families that have already completed their home studies, and once you make a choice, they will help you to legalize the adoption. They will also be able to mediate future contact between you and the adoptive family.
  • Support and guidance– If you are feeling uncertain, confused, or just plain overwhelmed by the process, your adoption counselorcan help you understand those feelings. This will help increase your chances of a healthy, successful adoption.
  • Knowledge and experience– Adoption agencies have all of the tools to help women just like you who are thinking about giving baby up for adoption at birth and have likely handled many situations that are very similar to yours.
    An adoption attorney can also be used in these types of adoption, but they may not be fully equipped to handle after delivery adoptions as quickly as an adoption agency can.


Women in your position can receive guidance through the adoption process, regardless of how much time they have. It’s never too late for adoption help. However, completing an adoption on short notice means this process might look a little different. If you choose to contact an agency, you will have one adoption specialist who will take you through the following steps:

Step 1: Selecting a family

An adoption agency can quickly email you adoptive families that match the criteria you are looking for. All of the families you view will have been screened, so you can rest assured that they are ready to raise a child.

Step 2: Contacting the family

Once you choose a family, your specialist can get you into contact with them very quickly. You can still talk to them and get an idea of what they are like in a short time frame. In some cases, you could choose a family and then meet them in person that day.

Step 3: Legalizing the adoption

Agencies often work with a network of adoption attorneys whom you will need to make the adoption official.

In many ways, how to give a baby up for adoption at birth is the same as choosing adoption at any time, whether you decide on adoption early in your pregnancy, while you’re in labor or even after your baby is born. With an experienced adoption agency, it is possible to give up a child after birth and receive many of the same services and support as any other woman who makes an adoption plan.


While you can get help with an adoption plan at any time, it is ideal to reach out to an adoption agency as soon as you are comfortable. In comparison, building your adoption plan on short notice has its share of disadvantages, including:

  • Less time for counseling– Counseling is one of the many services adoption agencies provide and helps you to be sure that you are emotionally ready for adoption. When you wait to start the process of giving your baby up for adoption when it’s born, you will be making this decision without first completing several weeks or months of counseling.
  • Less time to meet the family– Women who create an adoption plan early in their pregnancies have the opportunity to get to know the adoptive family they choose. If you are putting an already-born baby up for adoption, there may be less time for pre-placement contact to ensure the family is right for your situation.
  • Less preparation– Some parts of the adoption process can be complicated and confusing, and dealing with all of it at once can be overwhelming for some women.


You probably have a mounting list of questions at this time in your life, but “Is it too late to give my baby for adoption?” does not have to be one of them. Because of the complexity of the process, though, it can be in your best interest to seek out an adoption agency. They will be equipped to provide you with any help you may need, as soon as possible. An adoption late in pregnancy or an adoption after pregnancy may be tough, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Remember that adoption is always an option for you and your child, and if you have decided that it’s the right path, then there is a way to make it happen. If you are late in your pregnancy and thinking about giving baby up for adoption at birth, or if you are ready to start the process to give an already-born baby up for adoption, contact an adoption professional now to get started.