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Waiting Families

The adoption profiles below will show you hopeful waiting families of all types, from all different backgrounds, with all different hopes and dreams for your child — because no matter what you’re looking for, you deserve to find the perfect adoptive parents for your baby.

Considering adoption is a brave, selfless, heroic thing to do. It’s something you are considering because you want to give your baby the best life possible. That’s why it’s always up to you to choose the perfect adoptive family who will provide that life for your baby.

ConsideringAdoption.com has partnered with American Adoptions to display these adoption profiles. With waiting families from across the country, American Adoptions gives you more adoptive family profiles to choose from — which gives you a greater chance of finding the perfect fit for your adoption plan.

What Can You Learn from Adoptive Family Profiles?

When you browse the adoptive parent profiles on our site, you can learn more about each family’s:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family makeup
  • Home and neighborhood
  • Values
  • Desires to adopt
  • And so much more

In addition, every family listed on our site has created a unique adoption profile video, which can give you an even better understanding of their story, their excitement to grow their family and the life they would provide to your child.

“I skimmed through their [written] profiles, but it was really their videos that grabbed my attention immediately,” birth mother Lindsey said. “It was really nice being able to see the family interact with their family and interact with their pets and other children they had… Honestly, the video was my favorite thing about the profiles because I really got to know the family.”

How to Get in Touch with Your Favorite Adoptive Families

As you read through an adoptive parent profile or watch their video online, you may find that one sparks a special connection for you. Many birth parents describe this moment as a deep sense of “just knowing” they’d found the right family.

For birth mother Lindsey, that moment came when she saw Amber and Eric’s adoptive family profile.

“I just knew that was the family for my baby,” Lindsey said, describing the moment she found them. “I don’t know what it was…I just knew.”

Watch this video to see more birth parents describe the moment they knew they’d found the right adoptive parents.

When you experience a moment like that, you can complete the contact form that is included at the bottom of each of our online adoption profiles. Or, you can contact us to get more information. An adoption professional will reach out to you to answer any questions you might have about the family’s profile for adoption and help you start the adoption process if and when you feel ready. When you’re ready, they can also set up a conference call so you and the adoptive parents can get to know one another better.

If, after that first phone call, it feels like a good match, you can keep in touch with the adoptive family through the remainder of the process. That might mean texting, sending emails, talking on the phone, or whatever contact you feel comfortable with.

For many birth parents, this is another reassuring part of the process that confirms their decision.

“Each time that we would meet, each time that we would talk, we would realize that we were more like each other than we were different,” Sara, a birth mother, said of getting to know her son’s adoptive family. “It was very confirming for me when I met them to have the (pre-placement) relationship for so long… They were the ones. There wasn’t a doubt about that.”

Not Sure What to Look for in Adoptive Family Profiles?

That’s OK. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of online adoptive parent profiles that are out there, you’re not alone — and an adoption professional is here to help. You can contact us at any time to get help sorting through adoption parents’ profiles. An adoption professional will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the adoption online profiles below, and they can even help you narrow down your search based on the things that matter most to you. For example, you can choose:

As a prospective birth parent, you are always in charge of your adoption plan. You get to make all of the important decisions, and that includes specifying all of your desires for the adoptive family.

Once your adoption professional has an idea of what you’re looking for in adoptive parents, they’ll send you personalized recommendations of waiting families’ profiles that match your individual adoption plan.

Get Hard-Copy Adoption Profiles Mailed to You for Free

In addition to the online adoptive parent profiles listed on this site, you can also get hard-copy profiles of parents who wish to adopt. Just let your adoption professional know that you’d like to get adopting parents’ profiles mailed to you, and they will send you print profiles of families who match your specific preferences.

To get waiting families’ profiles sent to you, contact us today.

Review as Many Profiles as You Need

Whether you review adoptive parent profiles online or through the mail, you can review as many adoptive parent profiles as you need until you find “the ones.”

“I wanted to keep my options open, so I asked [my adoption specialist] to email me some more [family profiles],” said Angelica about her process to find the perfect adoptive family. “Eventually, she had sent me every single one of the waiting couples on the whole list.”

Read and watch Angelica’s adoption story here.

Like Angelica, you can take as much time as you need and look at as many profiles as you want until you find the best possible family for your baby. You can also change your preferences about the adoptive family at any time, and that’s OK. You’ll know when you find the right ones!

How to Use Filters to Narrow Down Your Search

To view adoption profiles or videos of parents looking to adopt a newborn, simply browse the pages below. You can also use the drop-down menus to filter parent profiles by factors like:

  • Family type (same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples, etc.)
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • State of residence
  • And more

Simply select the filter(s) you’d like to apply, then click “Search Adoptive Families.” You will see all of the adoptive family profiles matching your search criteria.

Don’t be discouraged if your search doesn’t turn up as many results as you’d hoped for. There are so many adoptive families at all stages of the process, and not all of them are at the point where their waiting family profiles are listed online. If you aren’t finding waiting adoptive family profiles that perfectly match all of your criteria, the best thing you can do is contact us. We will put you in touch with an adoption professional who can send you additional adoption family profiles until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Finding the right adoptive parents’ profile can be one of the most reassuring steps of the adoption process. For birth mothers like Candice, it can bring a sense of relief to what is often an uncertain time.

“Once I saw Jeff and Amanda’s profile, I felt like God was telling me they were the ones! I cried reading their bio and I just knew,” she said. “They are amazing parents, and I know my son has a huge family who loves and cares so much for him. I am forever thankful for that.”

Read the rest of Candice’s story here.

If you are ready to find “the ones” for your baby, get started with the profiles below, or contact an adoption professional online to get free, personalized support.

*ConsideringAdoption.com has partnered with American Adoptions to display these profiles of hopeful parents waiting to adopt. We are working to add adoption profiles from additional professionals and independent families in the future.