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Find a Family by Religion

How to Find Christian Adoptive Families, Muslim Families Looking to Adopt, and More

If you’re pregnant and looking for adoptive parents for your baby, you probably have a lot of questions about potential adoptive families. After all, this is a huge decision, so you want to choose the family you feel is perfect for your child. One of the most common questions is, “What is the religion of the adoptive parents?”

We understand that your personal beliefs are deeply important to you. Many women want their child to be raised within a certain religion, often one that reflects their own spiritual practices. You can absolutely choose a family who shares your religious beliefs, and we’re here to help.

Fortunately, adoptive families of every faith and religion are waiting to adopt! If choosing a family of a particular faith is something that’s important to you, then we’ll help you to find that perfect family with whom you share a spiritual connection.

Here’s how to find adoptive families by religion in 4 steps:

Not sure if you’re ready to reach out to an adoption professional just yet? That’s okay! You can start by browsing through the profiles of waiting adoptive families on our website, where you can search by religion. If you don’t see an adoptive family that matches what you’re looking for, don’t be discouraged — many adoptive parents are too early in the process for their profile to be shown, but they’re out there!

Here are some of the spiritual alignments that prospective birth parents often look for in a potential family for their child:

Non-Religious Families

Prefer to search for a non-religious adoptive family? If you’re atheist, agnostic, or simply don’t feel comfortable with a family raising your child in any set religion, you’re not alone.

Many pregnant women want a “religious-free” adoption. Families around the U.S. who are not religious are hoping for a child, so there is no shortage of non-religious adoptive parents. It’s generally best to work with an agency that is not religiously affiliated. These agencies work with hopeful adoptive parents of all religious backgrounds, including non-religious families, and they’ll help you to find the family you’ve been dreaming of for your child.

Christian Families

There are always plenty of Christian adoptive families looking to adopt throughout the U.S. Some Christian adoptive families choose to work with a Christian agency; working with one of these professionals is one of the easiest ways to find a Christian family. Adoption professionals that are non-denominational can also refer you to Christian couples looking to adopt through their agency, as well.

Reach out to an adoption agency (check out our list of Christian agencies below) and let them know you’re interested in viewing any families waiting to adopt with a Christian adoption profile, or, find an agency with a search option that allows you to specifically search for Christian adoption profiles.

You can also search for Christian adoption profiles on our website here; simply select your preferred denominations from the “religion” drop-down menu at the top of the page, or check the box for “Christian” to automatically search for Christian adoptive families from all denominations.

Catholic Families

“I’m looking for a Catholic couple to adopt my baby.”

Catholic adoption agencies used to be more prevalent, but now, many Catholic families work with non-denominational national agencies instead. No matter what, it’s still simple to find a waiting Catholic family for your baby, if you’d like him or her to be raised within the Catholic Church.

Muslim Families

“Where can I find a Muslim couple who wants to adopt my baby?”

There are many Muslim families looking to adopt who are eager to welcome a child into their family. To connect with them, simply reach out to an adoption agency. They’ll show you profiles of waiting Muslim couples, or help you to search specifically for a Muslim family, so your baby can be raised in the Muslim faith.

Jewish Families

There are always Jewish adoptive families eagerly hoping to welcome a child throughout the U.S. If you’re Jewish and prefer that your child be raised within Judaism, a Jewish adoption agency, like Jewish Family Services, may be the best way to find a Jewish adoptive family that you feel is perfect.

Jewish adoptive parents also often work with agencies that are not religiously affiliated, so you don’t need to work specifically with a Jewish agency if you prefer to cast a wider net. You can learn more about finding Jewish adoptive parents here.

Hindu Families

If it’s important to you that your child be raised Hindu, there’s a family out there who is waiting for your child. Adoption agencies are the best way to find Hindu adoptive families who will teach your child the beliefs and practices that are important to you. Somewhere, there is a family who is hoping to adopt from a Hindu woman! Search for families by religion to find that family.

Buddhist Families

Prefer you child to be raised by a Buddhist adoptive family? Online search functions allow you to find Buddhists families who are hoping to adopt a child. You’ll be able to choose the family you feel is right for your baby, and who will raise your child with the teachings of Buddha.

Jehovah’s Witness Families

Jehovah’s Witness women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and considering adoption have reached out to adoption agencies and said, “I’m looking for a Jehovah’s Witness family to adopt my baby.”

Fortunately, there are a number of Jehovah’s Witness adoptive families who have been waiting to be blessed with a child through adoption. Explore the adoptive family online search functions to see if your preferred adoption agency knows any waiting Jehovah’s Witness adoptive parents.

Adoption Agencies Who Can Help You Find Families by Religion

Christian agencies are a common type of adoption agency. These Christian adoption agencies specifically work with adoptive families who are Christian. Below, you can choose an agency that aligns with your sect of Christianity:

These adoption agencies are not religiously affiliated (many adoption agencies in the U.S. are exclusively Christian), and so they work with adoptive families of every religion. Working with one of these professionals is the best way to find an adoptive family of a particular religion, including families who are not religious. Reach out to them to find the family you’ve been dreaming of:

Want to start a more detailed search for the right adoptive family? Check out our other guides on searching for adoptive families by type, age, ethnicity and more.