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Meet Adoptive Families through a Video Profile

How You Can View Available Adoptive Families Today 

Before you choose an adoptive family for your child, you can view adoption video profiles to get a better feel for who they are and whether they meet your criteria. 

Over the past few decades, pregnant mothers have sought more involvement in the adoption process. As a result, today’s adoption plans are much more open, and birth mothers have more tools than ever to ensure they find the perfect adoptive family

Today, the newest tool is adoptive family video profiles. You can view adoptive family video profiles today, as well as get more information on choosing an adoptive family by filling out our contact form online

Let’s discuss adoption video profiles, adoption agencies and how they can help you find the perfect family. 

What is an Adoption Video Profile? 

An adoptive family video profile is a short clip, usually three or four minutes long, that gives prospective birth mothers an introduction to a family pursuing adoption. Video profiles are a great way for you to see what life would be like for your child growing up as a member of a certain family, as they provide a detailed look into the family’s home and their personalities. 

Not every prospective family makes a video profile; only a handful of agencies require them, and few families choose to make them independently. However, for families that do have a video profile, it can make your decision much easier because you will be able to see and hear the adoptive couple in their environment. 

Benefits of Adoption Video Profiles 

Adoption video profiles are expanding in popularity because they offer women in your situation many benefits, including: 

  • Personality – in a print profile, a wife may say her husband has a good sense of humor. In a video profile, you can see his personality for yourself. 
  • Home and Community – a video can offer you a real glimpse of your baby’s potential home and the people he or she may one-day call brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, or uncle. 
  • Excitement to Adopt – some things simply can’t be expressed in words, and a video can allow you to truly feel the love a family is going to give to your child. 

Adoption Agencies: How the Right Agency Helps You Find the Perfect Family 

When you work with a reputable adoption agency that has plenty of experience matching birth mothers and adoptive families, you can feel confident in knowing they provide you with an amazing adoptive family that fits your specific criteria. 

In some cases, adoption agencies have an online database of available adoptive families where you can begin viewing adoption video profiles before you start working with an adoption professional. 

These adoption video profiles can help you find the perfect family and allow you to connect with them much earlier in the adoption process. Because you are in control of your adoption, you get to choose everything about the family that adopts your child.  

Once you contact an adoption agency and specialist, you’ll begin creating your adoption plan which will include specific needs and wants for an adoptive family. A large, national adoption agency with a wider reach to available families will match you with a family that meets all of your needs. 

As you select a home for your baby, you want to be as informed and confident in your decision as possible. Adoption video profiles can contribute greatly to your ease of mind; they can be found on certain agency websites as well as some personal family blogs. You can find some adoptive family profiles and videos on this website, as well.  To get more information on viewing adoption video profiles and how choosing the right adoption agency gives you a better chance of finding the perfect family, complete our contact form and get connected with a specialist today!