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Find a Family by Age

Find Young Couples Wanting to Adopt, Older Couples Looking to Adopt and More

As a prospective birth mother, you get to choose the adoptive parents you feel are perfect for your baby. You can search for adoptive parents based on characteristics like their race, location, religion, and more. For some prospective birth parents, the age of the adoptive parents is another important factor to consider.

Adoptive parents must meet the requirements of their chosen adoption agency (which often includes age requirements), but couples from young to old may feel called to adopt a child. There is certainly no shortage of waiting adoptive families — young, old and every age in between.

You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions: Are you looking for young couples wanting to adopt or an older couple looking to adopt? Which adoptive parents feel right for your child? When you picture your child’s future parents, how old are they?

In this article, we’ll help you search for hopeful adoptive parents of every age and discuss a bit about the ages of prospective parents.

What Are the Age Requirements Adoptive Parents Must Meet?

In some states, there are adoption laws that establish a minimum required age for hopeful adoptive parents. State-mandated age requirements vary from one state to the next — some set the minimum age to adopt at 18, while others set it at 21, 25 or don’t have age requirements for adoptive parents at all.

In addition to any relevant state requirements, hopeful adoptive parents must meet the requirements of their chosen adoption professional. Like state requirements, these additional requirements will vary somewhat from one professional to the next. Although many states don’t have age requirements for adoptive parents, most professionals do. Some may work with more young couples adopting, while others more frequently work with older couples.

The general age range that adoption professionals require is usually about 25 to 55. So, most of the adoptive parents you’ll see through an agency are within that age range.

Why Do Those Requirements Exist?

In their home study, hopeful adoptive parents are assessed on their physical, mental, emotional, financial and practical readiness to welcome a child. It’s important that the adoptive parents be at an age where they can physically provide for their child throughout the years.

Additionally, many prospective birth parents are hesitant to choose adoptive parents who they feel may be “too young” or “too old” to effectively parent their child. As a result, adoptive parents who are very young or very old tend to wait longer for the right match.

How to Find Adoptive Parents of Every Age

You probably have some type of image in your head when you try to picture your child growing up with his or her parents. How old are your child’s parents in this mental image? No matter what ages you prefer, there are families who are eagerly waiting for a child.

Here are some of the pros, cons and considerations for each age range:

Younger Couples

Thinking about placing your child with a young couple? Adoption professionals, again, often set the minimum age to adopt anywhere from 18 to 25, depending on the state, the type of adoption and the adoption professional.


  • Younger couples may be most able to physically “keep up” with the energy of a young, growing child.
  • Your child’s parents may have more remaining years to share with your child.


  • Younger couples may have less experience with children.
  • A younger couple may have spent less time together than an older couple, so they may not have the relationship strength that comes with time and experience.

Middle-Aged Couples

They’re neither on the “young” side of the adoption age requirements, nor the “older” side. For many expectant parents considering placing their child for adoption, this can represent the best of both worlds.


  • Middle-aged couples may have more experience with children and in their relationship than younger couples, but more playful energy than an older couple.
  • There are a greater number of adoptive parents that fall into the category between “younger” and “older.”


  • Middle-aged couples are often in the midst of their career, and currently focused on climbing in their profession.
  • They may be closer to “younger” or “older” than you’re comfortable with, depending on the individual couple.

Older Couples

Many expectant parents are excited at the idea of helping an older couple experience parenthood, sometimes for the first time. They offer more life experience and may be solely focused on raising a child at this point in their lives.


  • Many older couples often have established stable careers which allow them to provide your child with more quality time and financial opportunities.
  • Their relationship has withstood the test of time and experience, and has grown stronger over the years.


  • They may have fewer years left to spend with your child.
  • They may be more likely to start developing age-related health concerns (though all adoptive parents are screened to ensure they are healthy enough to raise a baby prior to the adoption process).

Adoptive Parents of All Ages are Ready and Excited to Parent

Through their home study, all adoptive parents have been already approved as healthy and financially stable enough to adopt a child. So regardless of age, adoptive parents have already been verified as safe and prepared, whether they are a young couple adopting or an older couple who wants to adopt.

There’s one more important point that we haven’t touched on yet: A person’s age has no real effect on their ability to be a good, loving parent to your child.

Always remember to consider more about a potential adoptive parent than his or her age. While their age may be an important factor for you, you should also consider a potential parents’:

  • Religious and spiritual beliefs
  • The values they’ll teach your child
  • Their personality, interests and hobbies
  • Racial and cultural heritage
  • Location
  • And more

Every pregnant woman will look for something different when choosing a family for her child. Reach out to an adoption professional now to start viewing adoption profiles. They’ll help you to find the family you’ve been dreaming of for your baby.