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Find a Family by Race or Ethnicity

How to Find Biracial Adoptive Couples, Black Adoptive Parents, Hispanic Families and More

Because your child’s racial and cultural identity is undeniably important, you may have preferences regarding the ethnicity of your child’s future family.

You can choose as much about your baby’s adoptive family as you want — their age, family type, religion and more, including the parents’ race. There are many reasons why the parents’ race might matter to you:

  • You’d like parents of the same race for your baby, so that he or she has parents who are able to personally understand his or her experiences.
  • You worry about your child not feeling as if they “fit in” with a family of a different race.
  • You’d like parents of a different race for your baby, so that your child can experience an ethnically diverse life that is equally full of love.

Whatever race you want for your baby’s parents, you can find a family that matches what you’re looking for.  You can browse waiting families’ profiles now by clicking here, or contact us to get in touch with a professional who can help you find the perfect parents for your baby.

There are families from every racial and cultural background waiting to adopt, including:


Many families include members of varying races. There are interracial adoptive families, families that represent a blend of many different cultures and ethnicities, and families that include members who are biracial. “Mixed” adoptive families are more common than ever before.

Perhaps you’re biracial yourself, so you’d like to find a biracial couple looking to adopt. Or, perhaps your baby is biracial and you’d like to search for interracial couples looking to adopt because you want your child to have role models of different races.

There are a number of interracial and/or biracial families looking to adopt throughout the U.S. Reach out to an adoption professional, or use our online search function to find interracial or biracial couples looking to adopt who you feel are the right fit for your child.


“I prefer a Black family to adopt my child because I want my African American baby to have Black adoptive parents who are able to personally understand their experiences.”

If you or your baby has Black or African American heritage, you may feel more comfortable with Black families adopting Black children. If finding an African American adoptive family is something that’s important to you, our online search function can help you find Black couples looking to adopt who match what you’re looking for in the ideal family. There are plenty of Black families looking to adopt throughout the U.S., you can find an African American adoptive family with whom you feel a connection.

Start here if you feel more comfortable with Black adoptive families, and you’re ready to find African American couples looking to adopt.


There are a number of Latinx and Hispanic families looking to adopt a child. So, whether you’re Hispanic yourself or your baby has Latinx heritage, you may want him or her to grow up in a family that is able to educate them about their race and culture.

For some pregnant women, the preservation of racial and cultural identity is one of their most important considerations when choosing a family for their baby. If you feel that your baby should grow up in a Hispanic family, you can start searching for the family you feel is best right here.


The preference of child adoption by Native Americans when the baby is of the same nation or tribe is often an important factor. For years, Indigenous children were illegally seized from their biological parents and placed into white families. Now, there are laws that specifically protect Native children from this ever happening again.

When a Native American child needs to be placed for adoption, preference is usually given to an adoptive family of the same race and culture. If you choose to place your baby with a family outside of his or tribe, the adoptive family must adhere to relevant requirements. You can absolutely choose to place your child with a family in the same tribe, but you can also choose to place him or her with whatever family you feel is right, regardless of their race. The choice is entirely up to you.

Either way, an adoption professional can help you find the family you feel is best for your baby.


Interested in finding white adoptive parents for your baby? Some pregnant women want their Caucasian baby to “fit in” with their family when a stranger looks at them. Remember that even if your child happens to look like his or her adoptive parents, it doesn’t mean that the adoption can (or ever should be) secretive.

There are hundreds of waiting adoptive parents of every race, including white families. If you’re ready to find a family that you feel an emotional connection with, start your search here.


If you or your baby is Asian, you may feel more comfortable placing him or her within an Asian family. Maybe you want your child to more comfortably “blend in” with his or her family, or maybe you want them to be raised in a family that can educate them about a shared culture. No matter what, you can find Asian adoptive families using our online search function.

Whether you or your baby has Indian, Southeast Asian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese or South Pacific Asian heritage, there are waiting families out there who can personally understand your child’s racial and cultural identity.


Again, a person’s racial and cultural identity is an important part of who they are. But you know it’s not all that they are.

You child will be loved, supported and cared for by his or her parents — regardless of race. In fact, transracial adoptions are becoming increasingly commonplace. And while families who adopt transracially absolutely need to educate and prepare themselves to raise a child of a different race, their families are just as strong as any.

Although race may be an important consideration for you as you search for your child’s future parents, remember that what’s most important is that:

  • You like the family.
  • You have a good gut instinct about them.
  • You think that they’ll raise your child the way you’d like them to be raised.
  • They family is excited and ready to love and care for your child for the rest of their lives.

When you contact an agency, a social worker will talk with you about what you’re looking for in a prospective adoptive family, including racial and cultural background. Then, they’ll present you with profiles of families that match your preferences so you can choose the parents you feel are right.

“I knew it was the right decision when they told me they had always wanted a girl and had always planned to name her Julianna,” Julia remembered. “They told me the story about how they were at Thanksgiving and they were praying, and they got the call from me. It’s just a blessing all around.”

Ready to get connected with that family now? You can start by viewing the profiles of waiting adoptive parents of every race here.

Our online search function allows you to sort through families based on your preferences, including race. If you don’t see that perfect family right away, don’t be discouraged — there are many more waiting families of every race whose profiles aren’t listed online yet. Reach out to an adoption professional to get the support you deserve.