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Find a Family by Type

Find Gay Couples, Heterosexual Couples & Other Parents Looking to Adopt

As a woman considering placing your baby for adoption, you get to choose the characteristics you want in your baby’s adoptive family. One characteristic that is important to many prospective birth mothers is the family’s makeup or structure.

You can choose the type of family that you want for your child. So, what do you mean when we say “family type?”

What does your child’s future family look like in your head? Maybe you specifically dream of helping a same-sex couple complete their family. Maybe you dream of your child growing up in a big, two-parent family with lots of older siblings. Or, maybe you prefer the idea of your child growing up as an only or oldest child, and you want to place them with a couple who has been struggling with infertility and waiting for their first baby.

There are waiting families of every type — every adoptive family is unique. No matter what “type” of family you envision for your child, an adoption agency is the easiest way to search for specific types of families. Our website even has an online search function here that allows you to narrow down profiles of waiting parents by type, religion, race, age and more;   simply select the “type” button at the top of the profile page and filter by the family makeup you’re searching for. You can also specify the number of other children you’d like the adoptive family to have in the “other” menu.

To help you get started, here a few agencies that may be able to help you find a certain type of family:

Whether you’re looking for something very specific in an adoptive family, or you just want your baby to be loved and cared for beyond measure, there are millions of people out there who are hoping to welcome a child into their lives through adoption.

If you are looking for an adoptive family of a certain type, read on to learn more about your options.

Finding Same-Sex Couples

“I’m specifically looking for a gay couple to adopt my child. I’m placing my baby up for adoption to a gay couple because I know they need help to have a family and are sometimes discriminated against by adoption professionals. Where can I find a gay couple to adopt my baby?”

If thoughts like these have crossed your mind, you’ll be happy to know that there are many same-sex couples and LGBTQ families hoping and waiting to adopt a baby.

Some pregnant women are amazed by the number of gay couples looking to adopt. But, this makes sense — gay couples wanting to adopt aren’t able to create their families the “old fashioned way,” but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of parenthood. LGBT adoptive families are just as loving and supportive as any family.

You might be specifically looking for gay couples hoping to adopt because you’re LGBTQ+ yourself, or simply because you want to give one of the wonderful gay couples wanting to adopt a chance to become parents. Whatever the reason, there is no shortage of same-sex couples who have been dreaming of welcoming a child through adoption.

Whether you’re looking for same-sex male couples, lesbian couples wanting to adopt or any other type of LGBTQ family, there are so many gay parents looking to adopt throughout the U.S. Start viewing gay adoption profiles here to find the gay couple looking to adopt who will be incredible parents to your child.

Finding Opposite-Sex Couples

Looking for a heterosexual couple to adopt your child? Many opposite-sex couples choose to adopt because of infertility, or simply because they care more about being parents than having a baby. There are male-female couples throughout the U.S. who have been dreaming of a child. Start viewing their profiles here.

Finding Married Couples

Most of the people who work with agencies are married couples looking for children to adopt. You may choose to place your child with a married couple because you feel that you want to give your child a positive relationship role model. You can view hundreds of profiles to find the married couple looking to adopt a child that you feel is right.

Finding Unmarried Couples

Some women are interested in placing their child with couples not married who want to adopt. There are fewer couples looking to adopt without being married, because some professionals require the couple to have been together at least several years before adopting. However, they’re certainly out there! These couples may not be formally married, but they’re deeply committed to one another, and to their future child.

Finding Single Parents

A person doesn’t need a partner to be an excellent parent! Adoption is a common way for individuals to grow their own family, so there are always a large number of single parents looking to adopt. To learn more about these single hopeful parents, reach out to an adoption professional.

Finding a Family Who Already Has a Child (or Children)

Want your child to grow up with older siblings? Maybe you loved having your own older sibling looking out for you, and you picture your child having that same experience. Or, maybe you like knowing that these parents have some experience, and you’d like being able to see how they’re currently raising their older children. Connect with a professional to view an adoption profile with older children. They’ll help you find the right adoption profile with older siblings, so you can see what your child’s life might be like.

Finding First-Time Parents

Maybe you like the idea of giving the gift of parenthood to a couple who has waited (sometimes for years) for the opportunity to raise a child. They may welcome more children into their family later on, but your child would be their first! There are so many people waiting to welcome a child for the first time, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect first-time parents.

Get Started

Remember that you’re able to choose as much about the adoptive family as you like. An adoption professional will be able to help you find exactly what you’re looking for — whatever that is for you! All that matters is that you find a family you feel is right, and who will love and care for your child as much as you do. Start by viewing profiles of waiting parents now.

If you don’t immediately see waiting adoptive family profiles that match exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Not all prospective adoptive parents are at the point where their profiles are listed online. Some are at early stages in the process.

Reach out to an adoption professional directly to ask if they have families of the “type” you’re looking for. If they don’t have any families that match what you’re envisioning, ask if they can refer you to a professional who might be working with a family like this.