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Find a Family by Baby’s Race or Ethnicity

How to Find Adoptive Parents for a Black Child, Families Looking to Adopt Hispanic Children and More

As you search for the perfect adoptive family for your baby, your baby’s racial and cultural identity may influence the parents you consider. You want to find adoptive parents who will not only love your child unconditionally, but who are prepared to adopt and raise a baby of your child’s race.

Transracial adoption is very common, and multiracial families are becoming increasingly normalized and embraced. However, regardless of the race of the adoptive parents you choose, it’s important for them to be ready to meet all your baby’s needs. Be sure to work with an adoption agency that educates all adoptive families about the responsibilities of raising a child of a different race. Talking to the prospective adoptive family about the importance of your baby’s racial identity can also be helpful.

There are waiting families who are ready and exciting to welcome a baby of every race — adoptive parents are simply eager to be parents! These excited parents are hoping to adopt:

Black Children

“I’m giving my Black child up for adoption, and I want to make sure they will be loved and cared for. Where can I find people (or couples) looking to adopt a newborn African American baby?”

There are countless families looking to adopt African American kids throughout the U.S. Whether you’re hoping to find families wanting to adopt Black children who are of a specific race, religion, or location, or if you just want to find couples looking to adopt a Black child who will simply be amazing parents, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

We recommend reaching out to an agency to be connected with families looking to adopt a Black newborn.

Indigenous Children

“I’m considering giving my Native American child up for adoption, so I need to find couples looking to adopt a Native American child who will be prepared to honor their racial and cultural identity.”

If your child is of Native heritage, finding families looking to adopt American Indian kids is a high priority for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of families wanting to adopt Native American children, often because they themselves are Indigenous, and they wish to preserve your child’s ties to his or her race and culture.

There are additional laws, called the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), that were established for the protection of Indigenous children following the “Sixties Scoop” era. When considering a placement for Native children, priority is given to adoptive parents within the child’s nation or tribe. But, you can choose any adoptive family you’d like for your baby, regardless of their race or culture. An attorney will help the adoptive family follow any necessary steps for ICWA. You can learn more here.

Caucasian Children

Need to find families wanting to adopt Caucasian children? There are always countless couples looking to adopt a white child throughout the U.S., and there are especially a plethora of families looking to adopt a white newborn. So, if you need help finding families looking to adopt Caucasian kids who meet your personal criteria, reach out to an adoption agency — they’ll help you find profiles of parents that match what you’re looking for.

Asian Children

Whether you’re hoping to find an Asian couple to raise your Asian child, or you’re open to choosing parents of any race, you’ll have plenty to choose from — there are always families looking to adopt an Asian newborn. Contact an adoption professional to start viewing profiles of couples looking to adopt an Asian child. They’ll help you to get to know families looking to adopt Asian kids who might be the perfect match for you and your child.

Hispanic Children

If your baby is Hispanic, or has Latinx heritage, you won’t have to worry about him or her struggling with their racial and cultural identity — there are many families wanting to adopt Hispanic children who are ready to embrace and love your child’s ethnic heritage. The couples looking to adopt a Hispanic child are sometimes Lantinx themselves, or they’re simply excited to welcome a child of any race into their lives. Because the families looking to adopt a Hispanic newborn are of every race and background, you’ll be able to easily find a family you feel is best for your child.

Multiracial Children
Is your baby biracial or multiracial? There are many adoptive parents who are also multiracial, and couples who are interracial. Regardless of the race of your child’s adoptive parents, we understand that you want to find a family who is ready and excited to love your child, and to honor their unique racial heritage. Multiracial adoptive families are common and are continuing to be increase in numbers. Your child will not have to feel like they don’t “fit in” with their family!

Finding the Right Family for Your Child

Again, there are adoptive families of every ethnicity. You may decide that you prefer to place your baby with a family of the same race as your child. Or, you may not care about the family’s race — just as long as they’re welcoming of your child’s race.

There are countless hopeful parents who have been waiting to welcome a child, regardless of his or her ethnicity. Again, parents who are open to adopting transracially have educated themselves on raising a child of another race and are excited to do so. Some parents are excited to raise a child of a specific race because they feel they’d best be able to support and encourage that child’s own racial identity. So fortunately, it’s easy to find adoptive families that fit whatever you’re looking for.

While a person’s racial and cultural identity is deeply important, the most important thing is finding a family who will love your child unconditionally. If you’re ready to find that family, start browsing adoptive parent profiles now. You can use the search function on our site to narrow down prospective adoptive parents who have been screened and specifically approved to adopt a child of your baby’s race.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for right away — there are more waiting families of every kind out there; they just may not be at the stage in their journey where their profile is listed online yet. Reach out to an adoption professional directly and let them know what you’re looking for! They’ll help you find the perfect match.