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Find a Family by Lifestyle

As you search for your baby’s future family, you may be drawn to a certain type of adoptive family because of the way they live. You might feel a strong connection with a family who shares your interests, priorities or values. Every pregnant woman chooses an adoptive family for her own unique reasons. It can help to start by asking yourself questions like:

  • What are you looking for in a future family for your child?
  • What’s important to you?
  • When you envision your child growing up with his or her family, what does that image look like?

Whatever the answer, there is a waiting family out there who has been hoping to find you. Let’s consider some of the qualities you may be looking for in adoptive parents:

Financial Status

Many women consider placing their child for adoption because they’re not financially in a situation where they can care for this child. As a result, they sometimes hope to find wealthy people willing to adopt, so that their child never has to experience the same financial struggles they are currently facing.

Due to their current financial strain, some women seek out wealthy families because they believe they’ll be able to receive higher amounts of financial assistance. However, the assistance you receive is tied to state laws and your level of need — not the adoptive parents. Their financial standing will not affect the amount of assistance you receive.

A pregnant woman searching for rich parents looking to adopt isn’t doing so out of greed, but out of love for her baby. She wants to find wealthy couples looking to adopt because she wants her child to grow up having every possible opportunity and experience that financial stability can offer.

There’s also a myth that the costs of adoption mean there are only rich families looking to adopt, because they’re the only ones who can afford it. But, it’s not only rich couples looking to adopt. Not all families are going to be extremely wealthy adoptive parents, but all adoptive families are required to be financially stable enough to provide for your child.

So, if you were hoping to find wealthy families looking to adopt, you don’t have to worry. The home study process, which all hopeful adoptive parents are required to complete, assesses their readiness to adopt and raise a child — physically, mentally, emotionally, practically and financially. All adoptive families must submit financial records to ensure that they’re able to meet all of their future child’s needs throughout the years.

No matter what family you choose, they will be capable and excited to raise your child in comfort, love and stability.


Especially if you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle yourself, you may be passionate about your child being raised in a health-conscious family. For some, health practices are a necessity. For others, it’s a choice, but it’s a choice they feel strongly about.

For example, you may be a vegan looking for adoptive families who are comfortable with your lifestyle, or you’re hoping to find a vegan couple looking to adopt so that your child will be raised with the same principles. While there are no specific adoption agencies for vegans to connect, an adoption professional can keep your preferences in mind when helping you to find the perfect family.

Viewing a hopeful family’s profile can help you learn about their health practices, whether they’re passionate about staying active, eating clean and more.


When choosing a family for your baby, finding a common interest can be incredibly exciting, just like when you’re growing any new relationship. Whether you find out that you both enjoy the same interests, or you’re just excited that they’re interested in a particular thing, a person’s passions and hobbies are one factor in a prospective birth mother’s selection.

Every adoptive parent is unique, with their own interests, hobbies and quirks. You may be excited by an adoptive parent who is interested in:

  • Crafting
  • Sports
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Games
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Pets
  • Traveling
  • And more

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s an adoptive family who shares your interests and may pass that passion to your child.


Your personal values are a deeply important part of who you are as a person. For you, your values may be connected to your spiritual or religious beliefs, values that your own parents instilled in you, political beliefs or simply the things that you feel guide you and your choices. A person’s values dictate the decisions they make, what they teach others, how they treat people and more.

So, choosing an adoptive family based on their own values is something that may be very important to you. After all, those are the values that they’ll raise your child with, and someday teach them. Getting to know the adoptive parents is a great way to learn about the values that are important to them — it can help to write down some questions to ask them so you can see how your values line up.


Many pregnant women like the idea of their baby’s parents being well-educated. A good education can lead to better jobs, but it can also be a sign of a curious, dedicated person who loves to learn. If you’re hoping that these parents will encourage your child to pursue a higher education, there are plenty of adoptive parents of varying levels of education for you to choose from.

What Matters Most

The details of a family’s lifestyle may be an important factor in your decision. But overall, what’s really important is that:

  • You like the family.
  • You have a good gut instinct about them.
  • You think they’ll raise your child the way you would like him or her to be raised.
  • They’re excited to love, support and care for your child for the rest of their lives.

An adoption agency can help you find a family that meets what you’re looking for. Just let your adoption professional know if you’re looking for a family with a certain lifestyle, values, beliefs, or interests, and they can send you profiles of families who might be a good fit.

When you find “the ones,” you’ll likely just know! If you’re ready to find your baby’s future parents, start browsing profiles of waiting adoptive parents here.