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How to Pursue a Last-Minute Adoption

For some women, the decision to place their babies for adoption does not come easily or quickly. It takes time and deliberation, and it’s not always easy to give yourself a deadline for that decision. Pregnancy, however, comes with a pretty clear deadline, and it might seem like you need to come to a decision about adoption early on. However, if you’ve found yourself farther along in your pregnancy than you’ve intended — or if you’ve already had your child — it’s never too late to choose adoption, even if it feels like you’re deciding to give your baby up for adoption last-minute.

As an adoption resource, we hear a lot of questions from women who are worried that it might not be possible to quickly place a baby up for adoption. “How fast can I give my child up for adoption?” “Are there adoption agencies that accept infants after birth?” “I just gave birth; who to contact about adoption?” Below, we’ll answer each of these questions and more.

I just gave birth. Who do I contact about adoption?

Most adoption professionals will be able to help you facilitate a last-minute adoption for your child. If you have recently given birth and want to expedite the adoption process, we recommend contacting a national adoption agency that works with a large volume of adoptive families. This way, you’ll still be able to choose the perfect adoptive family for your child, and you can find them sooner rather than later. In this instance, we recommend reaching out to an agency like American Adoptions, who has both print and video adoption profiles and can help connect you with an adoptive family for your baby as fast as possible.

How fast can I give my child up for adoption?

How long it takes to give baby for adoption is entirely up to you and your preferences. There are five simple steps to place a child for adoption, even if it is a last-minute adoption, and these can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you need. You are always in control of your child’s adoption process.

Step 1: Choose adoption.

If you are reading this article, it’s probably fair to assume that adoption is a choice you’ve already made. Remember, though, that this is your decision and yours alone. No one can tell you what is right for you and your baby.

Step 2: Choose an adoption professional.

As we mentioned above, we recommend contacting a national adoption agency that has the most resources to help you as quickly as you need.

Step 3: Choose your child’s adoptive family.

Your adoption professional will show you adoption profiles of families that are waiting to adopt a child. If you see one you like, you can arrange a phone call if you’d like to talk with them and learn more. In most cases, when you select a family, they’ll be willing to get in the car or on a plane and come to you immediately.

Step 4: Meet your child’s adoptive family, if you choose.

No matter how last-minute an adoption situation is, you can still choose to have an open relationship with your child’s adoptive family. This means you can remain in contact with them and with your child throughout the rest of your lives.

Step 5: Legally place your child for adoption.

Give consent to your child’s adoption, a process that will vary depending on which state you live in. Your adoption professional will prepare you for this process so you know what to expect when you’re ready to sign.

Are same-day adoptions a possibility?

Yes. If you are wondering how to put a child up for adoption today, know that the above process can be condensed into a day if you need it to be. In this scenario, you may rely more on your adoption professional to help you select an adoptive family. Be sure to ask them about their screening process, but also know that any family who has been cleared to adopt has completed an adoption home study. This means that they have successfully undergone background checks, a home inspection and interviews with each family member, and have been deemed ready to provide a child with a stable, loving home.

Adoption Agencies that Accept Infants After Birth

There are many adoption agencies that will work with mothers to place their children for adoption after they’ve already given birth. Keep in mind that it may be best to contact an agency that works with many families, as this may mean they’ll be able to facilitate a perfect adoption match more quickly. Also be sure to research anyone you choose to ensure that everything is handled legally and appropriately. Never turn to websites like Craigslist to find an adoptive family for your child. To get started on a last-minute adoption, contact any of the following adoption professionals: