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How to Complete a Hospital Adoption

Giving Baby Up for Adoption at the Hospital

When it comes to choosing adoption for your child, every woman’s process is different. It’s a huge decision, and it’s hard to place a deadline on that. Of course, a pregnancy itself has a deadline — hopefully somewhere around nine months. But it’s not uncommon for women to make the adoption decision later on in their pregnancies, or even right before or after giving birth. If you are wondering, “Can I give my baby up for adoption in the hospital?” know two things: The first is that yes, you can absolutely give your baby up for adoption at the hospital.

The second is that you are not alone in wondering whether mothers can choose adoption at the hospital. Plenty of women ultimately opt to complete last-minute hospital adoptions, and there’s no reason that adoption can’t be the beautiful process for you that it can be for a woman who chooses this path as soon as she learns she is pregnant. Continue reading to learn how to give baby up for adoption in a hospital.

What is the process for giving baby up for adoption at the hospital?

The process for completing a baby adoption at a hospital is much like the process you would complete if you were choosing adoption earlier in your pregnancy, albeit a little more expedited. Pursuing adoption for your child can be completed in the following five steps:

Step 1: Choose adoption.

If you are wondering how to give a baby up for adoption in the hospital, it’s likely that you’ve already settled on adoption for your child. However, if you have not quite decided yet, it’s important that you be absolutely confident in this decision before moving forward with an adoption plan. Remember, no one can make this choice for you. You and you alone know what’s best for your baby. If you feel that adoption is the best choice for your child, you can confidently move forward in your plan to complete a hospital adoption.

Step 2: Choose an adoption professional.

After you’ve decided that you are set on giving baby up at the hospital, it’ll be time to select an adoption professional to help you do so. In this instance, we recommend working with a larger agency that has experience with last-minute hospital adoptions. By choosing a larger adoption agency to help you complete a baby adoption at the hospital, you’ll be working with a professional who already has relationships with many hopeful adoptive families, who will be willing to travel to you immediately to complete a hospital adoption.

Step 3: Choose your baby’s adoptive family.

Even for women completing last-minute hospital adoptions, you can still choose your child’s adoptive family if you wish to do so. By working with a professional, you can view adoptive family profiles and choose one that feels right for your child, all from your hospital room. Your adoption specialist can arrange a call so that you can chat with a hopeful adoptive couple, and if all goes well, the adoptive family will immediately travel to you so that you can begin the process of giving baby up for adoption at the hospital.

Step 4: Give baby up for adoption at the hospital.

After you’ve selected an adoptive family for your child, they will travel to the hospital to meet you and your baby as quickly as possible. How exactly the hospital adoption goes is completely up to you. You can work with your adoption specialist before they arrive to determine whether or not you meet them in person and interact at all. If you need space to grieve and do not wish to see the adoptive family, this is absolutely an option for you.

When the adoptive family arrives and your state’s minimum waiting period has passed, you can give your official consent to your adoption. The process to do this varies in different states, but you’ll be signing away your own parental rights and officially consenting to your child’s adoption to the adoptive family you have selected. This can be an extremely difficult time, but remember: You are making an extremely selfless sacrifice to ensure your child has all of the opportunities he or she deserves.

Step 5: Develop a relationship with your baby and his or her adoptive family after placement.

We always like to recommend some degree of openness in an adoption situation wherever possible. This means that you can still have a relationship with your child and his or her adoptive family after a hospital adoption takes place. Contact between you and your child’s family can occur via photo updates, letters, phone calls, in-person visits, and more. The goodbye that takes place at the hospital does not have to mean forever.

Remember, mothers can choose adoption at the hospital, which means you can give your baby up for adoption at the hospital. You can even choose adoption for your baby after you return home from the hospital; it’s never too late to choose adoption for your child. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact Considering Adoption.