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10 Moving Adoption Quotes from Birth Parents

Facing the decision to place your child with the people they’ll call “mom” and “dad” is a position that nobody imagines themselves being in. It can be hard for others to understand the enormity of a birth parent’s love. So here are some of their own words:
1. “Today, what a lot of people think is a tragedy because I’m not raising my child, I feel is a great thing because my daughter has a fantastic life, something I couldn’t provide for her.”
Terri, a birth mother, on why she chose adoption
2. “One of the most popular myths about being a birth father that I want to dispel is that we aren’t deadbeats. Most of us care about our children’s life. Everything that I am and have accomplished to this day is because of my little girl. Being a dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want other people, birth fathers in particular, to know and understand that although they don’t play an active role in their child’s life, it’s still important to be a part of it, and for them to find a way to let their children know how much they are loved.”
Zachary, a birth father, on his open adoption relationship
3. “Adoption has taught me that a mother’s love holds no boundaries. No, I didn’t envision myself as a mother or even more so a birth mother, but such a title holds responsibility in me that I now announce with pride and gratitude.”
Gina, a birth mother, on the pain and joy of motherhood
4. “The first time I saw her lean down and kiss him, it brought back memories of that day in the hospital when she had placed him in the crib and kissed him. Tears streamed down my face as I was reminded once again of how good God is and how He provides for us in ways unimaginable.”
Melanie, a birth grandmother, on her family’s open adoption relationship
5. “My eyes just watered as they placed her into Jenn’s arms. She was no longer mine, but I knew in my heart that everything would be okay. Seeing how happy she made them and their family and seeing how happy their family was just reassured me that I had made the right decision.”
Angelica, a birth mother, on choosing her daughter’s family
6. “Adoption is beautiful when we decide it is beautiful. Adoption is deplorable when we find it inappropriate. There is so much judgement in society. What if we applauded birth mothers and birth parents?”
Lindsay, a birth mother, on choosing adoption and the options that pregnant women have
7. “Belle is 15 years old now and she is amazing. I know she loves me because she tells me so (in texts with smiley faces). In fact, she loves me ‘to the moon’ and I am so grateful for that. I am expecting the birth of my second daughter, Belle’s half-sister, shortly before this story is to be published. I think about Belle’s birth all the time now, trying to draw parallels between that pregnancy and the one I am experiencing now, trying to conjure up the emotions I felt as a 16-year-old kid preparing to be a father. I am still nervous about being a father, but I am ready now.”
Ricky, a birth father, on readiness to parent
8. “I don’t regret the adoption because I know it’s what was supposed to happen. I was supposed to raise them for two years so they could be with their family now. If I didn’t, they would never have had the chance to be with their wonderful family and to have all the opportunities they have in their lives.”
Casey, a birth mother, on choosing adoption after parenting
9.“Adoption is the hardest thing you will probably ever do in your life. You feel like your heart is being ripped out. But if you are doing it for all the right reasons, your life will be truly blessed forever.”
Laura, a birth mother, on the most difficult choice she ever made
10. “When I placed Miles in her arms, her whole body lit up. This wonderful woman who was receiving our child was going to make her family bigger and stronger. In the end, everybody came together.”
Mindi, a birth mother, on her relationship with her son’s mother


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