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3 Ways You Can Connect with Fellow Birth Parents

Whether you’re a pregnant woman still considering adoption or you’ve already placed your baby with a loving family, you’re probably dealing with some difficult emotions. While it’s helpful to have a support system of family and friends to turn to during these times, you may wish to share your feelings with people who have been through the same situation you’re in.
Thankfully, there are plenty ways that you can connect to other prospective birth parents and mothers who have placed their children for adoption, either in-person or online. Here are the different ways you can go about doing so:

1. Talking with Your Adoption Professional

Many adoption professionals are not just there for you during the adoption process but can also be a resource for you after your adoption is complete. If you ask them, they may be able to connect you with other birth mothers who have worked through their organization and are willing to share their story. You may find a pen pal who you can share your experiences with or even someone who lives close that is willing to create a support relationship with you.

2. Finding Meet Up Groups

While your adoption professional may be able to point you to local support groups, another way to find birth parent support groups is through MeetUp, an online resource that lets you find and create support groups. If there’s not a support group near you, you can create one and other birth parents in your area can join.

3. Using Online Support Groups

One of the easiest ways to connect with other birth parents is through online forums and organizations. This is perhaps the most common way to find peer support, as it provides a sense of confidentiality and lets you connect with birth mothers from all over.
However, it’s important to know that online groups can have their drawbacks, as well. Because so many people can share their stories, you may see inaccurate information or stories that don’t truly represent how the adoption process works. It’s important to take these posts with a grain of salt and always reach out to a certified adoption professional if you have questions.
Here are some of the online resources available to you:

  • Birth Mother Baskets, an online resource that sends gift baskets to birth mothers and matches birth mothers with peers through programs like retreats and online Facebook groups
  • Birth Mom Buds, a faith-based resource that provides a mentoring program for prospective birth mothers
  • Facebook support groups, like “Birth Mother’s Only Support Group
  • Three Strands, which offers meet-ups, online support threads and hospital bags delivered when a mother is giving birth
  • BabyCenter’s Birth Mother Support Group
  • On Your Feet, which can connect you to fellow birth mothers and provide therapeutic retreats

Adoption is a difficult process for all involved, especially birth parents, so it’s important that you find the support you need to successfully cope with the emotions you may have. Connecting with people who have been through the same process can be instrumental in helping you decide what’s right for you and your baby or coming to terms with placing your child for adoption.
To learn more about the adoption process and get in contact with other expectant or birth mothers like you, please contact an adoption professional or check out once of the resources above.