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7 Adoptees to Follow on Social Media Today

Adoption can be an amazing journey. Whether from the birth parent’s, adoptive parent’s or adoptee’s perspective, each aspect of the journey has its own unique story. Luckily, sharing these stories is easier than ever before.

Maybe you are considering placing your baby for adoption, or you are contemplating growing your family through adoption. Either way, you might want an adoptee’s insight to better understand the impact of adoption. Maybe you are an adoptee yourself who wants to find other adoptees that you can relate to and share your experiences with.

Whatever the case may be, social media makes this content accessible with one click.

Below, you will find a list of adoptees that happily discuss their experiences on social media. Most of them are also advocates for ethical, informed adoption. Read their stories and discover their first-hand experiences of growing up adopted.

  1. @kirabug: Kira runs an Instagram page with a link to her own personal website, where she shares her story as an adoptee who has since reunited with her birth family and adopted children of her own. She discusses her journey as a parent and emphasizes the joy she has found in her unique situation with two sets of parents. She provides great insight on open adoption and the benefits of children having a relationship with their birth family.
  2. @mraechris: Through Meah’s Instagram, she shares her story of being an adoptee who also adopted a daughter named Maven. She posts tons of photos and links to adoption resources and even helps support fundraisers for adoptive families hoping to ease the financial burden adoptions can bring.
  3. @shelbykilgore: Shelby is an adoptee from South Korea and dedicates her Youtube channel to advocating for foster care and adoption. Shelby tells her story and spreads awareness about the realities of foster care and adoption through her educational videos.
  4. @yesimadopted: This Facebook page gives those who were adopted the chance to honestly share their stories and view their experiences through humor. The platform not only educates but is equally enlightening and entertaining.
  5. @dirtydiaperdiaries: Taylor is a mother of three children who was an adoptee herself. She is a well-known advocate in the adoption community, with the majority of her posts focusing on her family and faith.
  6. @angieadoptee: The Adopted Life began as a personal blog, where Angela Tucker publicly expressed her emotions and experiences as a transracial adoptee. Quickly, it became a community for other adoptees growing up in closed and transracial adoptions, too.
  7. @dearadoption: This Facebook page creates a platform for adoptees to promote and educate others through their experiences.

Social media is invaluable when it comes to learning about the emotional and personal aspects of the adoption process. But this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the number of great accounts to follow. Watch for our next two blogs in this series, with more helpful social media influencers to add to your feeds.

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