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7 Adoptive Parents to Follow on Social Media Today

With so many different resources available for adoptive parents, it can be easy to find answers to specific questions you may have. But maybe you’re interested more in the emotional aspects of the process — and not sure where to find them.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a birth parent or an adoptee. Understanding adoptive parents’ points of view may be an important part of your own healing and understanding of your adoption journey.

Everyone is different but, for many, the stories shared by adoptive parents can ease feelings of hurt and distress.

The best way to understand the adoptive parent perspective? By reading stories from someone who has actually adopted first-hand.

In this final part of our series on adoption influencers, you’ll find a list of social media accounts where adoptive parents openly discuss and share the feelings, thoughts and emotions they went through during their adoption journey. If you want to learn more about adoption, these stories and discussions are the best place to start.

  1. @mytwodads: Rod and Jake are an interracial, two-dad family raising their adopted son in Atlanta, Ga. Their Instagram features stories from their adoption journey as well as from their life post-adoption as a forever family.
  2. @fabulousfiveadoptionjourney: On this YouTube channel, find videos of a family of seven, with five of the daughters brought home through adoption. Their stated purpose? “To bring awareness to international adoption and help others that are considering adoption.”
  3. @theluckyfewofficial: Heather is an adoptive mother of three and advocate for adoption. On her Instagram, she shares the joys and struggles that parenting children with Down syndrome can bring. Heather provides her followers with a firsthand look at all that parenthood has to offer, with a realistic mix of tantrums and hilarious moments that only children can provide.
  4. @livesweet: Lindsey is an adoptive mom who often posts about her four adopted kids and adoption in general, as well as animals, crafts and more. Her page links to her blog, where she talks more about the impact adoption has had on her and her family’s life.
  5. @kindredand.co: Kindred and Co. is an Instagram page for the adoption community. It features blogs from adoptive parents who offer advice and support for parents in all stages of the adoption process. This feed is where you can read a variety of different perspectives and get your toughest adoption questions answered.
  6. @beccaanddan: Check out this YouTube channel featuring a family of five, formed through adoption. They post videos of their adoption story, as well as of everyday life and traveling and adventuring as a family.
  7. @tateylove: Jordan is an author and adoptive mother to Shep. She shares her emotional experience with both infant loss and transracial adoption. She is an advocate for adoption and provides many useful resources and individual stories.

No matter at what stage you may be in the adoption process, having the knowledge of and connection to a family who has been in your shoes is invaluable. And, even if you’re not adopting yourself, peeking into these families’ lives can help you better understand the experience of the whole adoption triad.

Have more suggestions of adoptive parents to follow on social media? Let us know in the comments!