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A Comprehensive List of the Best LGBT Adoption Articles

If you’re an LGBT individual, you might have thought about starting a family through adoption. This is an amazing way to make your family dreams come true, but you probably have a lot of questions about the process.  If so, there are plenty of articles that go in‐depth about what to expect. To help you get started, here are some of the best resources for LGBT families who are ready to start the adoption process.

Can LGBT Couples Adopt?

If you’re new to adoption as an LGBT couple, or if you’re a prospective birth mother who is looking to find LGBT families for her baby, you might be curious about all of your options. Below is a list of some of our favorite articles on LGBT adoption for beginners.
  • "Can Same‐Sex Couples Adopt?": Adoption is an amazing way for a same‐sex couple to grow their family. But for many couples in an LGBT relationship, you might be concerned about if your identity will prevent you from adopting in the first place — which is completely understandable. If you’re ready to start your parenting journey, but you’re worried about the qualifications for same‐sex couples, start here to learn more about gay adoption laws and what to expect during the adoption process as a gay couple.
  • "What is Gay Adoption and How Does it Work?”: If you’re brand-new to the process, it can be helpful to learn about what LGBT adoption is exactly, and what (if anything) makes it different from adoption for heterosexual couples. Understanding your options and making sure that you’re educated about the different types of adoption options available to you — which include foster care, private domestic adoption, and international adoption —is the first step to success. If you’re ready to learn about the basics of an LGBT adoption, this article is a great one to keep bookmarked.
  • "Finding LGBT Adoptive Families”:  Every year, more and more hopeful LGBT couples are turning to adoption to grow their family. This is great news for women considered adoption who are specifically interested in finding an LGBT couple. Most adoption agencies today work with many gay couples looking to adopt, and finding an LGBT adoptive family won’t be any different from finding any other type of family. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of choosing a same-sex family for your baby, check out more information in this article.
  • “Gay Adoption: How to Start the Process”: If you’re an adoptive family who’s looking for a “how‐to” guide for an LGBT adoption, this is another great place to start. This article talks about finding a support community, which adoption agencies are “gay‐friendly”, and information on your state’s laws about LGBT adoptions. No two adoptions are ever the same, so this is a great guide that provides plenty of general information when you’re just getting started.
  • “Adoption Profile Creation for Same‐Sex Couples”: No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, making an adoption profile can be the source of plenty of anxiety during the initial stages of the adoption. If you can’t decide which photos to use or you’re having trouble coming up with text that will really speak to a birth mother, check out this article for some examples on how to create the perfect adoptive family profile as an LGBT couple.

Gay Adoption Facts

While an LGBT adoption is very similar to a heterosexual adoption, you may have some questions about what some of the differences are. The best place to start getting the facts about LGBT adoptions is right here.
  • "5 Things to Know About LGBT Adoption”: When it comes to finding the information you need, it can be helpful to narrow down the most important things that you need to know about an LGBT adoption. While every fact about an LGBT adoption is important, here are the top five questions that you may be asking yourself about an LGBT adoption.
  • "What to Know About the History of Same‐Sex Adoption”: Unfortunately, adoption hasn’t always been a possibility for LGBT couples. While a lot has changed in terms of new laws protecting the rights of LGBT couples, it’s important that we provide all the facts when it comes to early LGBT adoption history.
  • “10 Gay Adoption Facts that You Need to Know”: If you’re looking for a more general list of gay adoption facts, here is another great place to start. Whether you’re just interested in the facts of LGBT adoption, or you’d like to further your own education for your adoption, there’s plenty of information on this list to keep you intrigued.

Start Your LGBT Adoption Today

We hope that these articles helped provide some insight into the world of LGBT adoptions. Although there will be certain unique challenges as an LGBT couple that you should be aware of, there are many ways to prepare before you begin your adoption story. Remember, no two adoptions are ever the same, and your story will be as unique as you are. If you’re looking for more same-sex adoption resources, you can always check out LGBT stories from real couples who made their adoption dreams come true. There’s nothing quite like reading LGBT adoption stories from couples who have gone through the whole experience from beginning to end.

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