Impact of Adoption

Adoption is a lifelong journey — one that continuously shapes the lives of adoptive parents, birth
parents and, most importantly, adoptees.

Just as no two adoptions are alike, every adopted person’s experience is different. You may find that
your adoption story has a significant impact on many areas of your life, or you may feel that adoption
has not had many lasting emotional effects on you. Whatever your feelings toward adoption, it can be
helpful to understand common adoptee perspectives on the issues and benefits of being adopted.

In the articles below, learn more about the long-term effects of being adopted and the ways in which
your adoption may play a role in shaping your personal identity, your relationships and more. Discover
how being adopted across races or cultures can further shape your adoption experience. Read about
common emotional challenges that adoptees have faced, find tips for how to heal from any unresolved
feelings of adoption loss or trauma, and more.