Search and Reunion


As today’s adoptions become increasingly open, more adoptees are being raised knowing and interacting with their birth parents. These children never have to wonder who their birth parents are or why they chose adoption. With a fuller understanding of their adoption stories, they may feel more complete and confident in their identities.

But for the many adoptees born before this modern era of open adoption, questions remain — and, in some cases, adoptees in closed adoptions choose to search for their birth families in order to find the answers.

For these adoptees and their families, the articles below provide some basic information on adoption search and reunion, including tips to prepare, steps to take and resources and tools that may be able to help. Whether you are ready to reunite with your birth parents or are still deciding if searching is right for you, read on to find the information you need to get started.

I’m Adopted

Preparing for an Adoption Search & Reunion


Ask yourself these questions before deciding whether or not you’re ready to begin an adoptee search or birth family search.


How to Find Your Birth Parents


Here’s how to find your birth parents, as well as a list of helpful resources for your adoption search.


The 5 Steps of How to Find an Adopted Child


Here’s how you can search for a child that you placed for adoption, as well as some tools and resources to use throughout the process.


How to Open Adoption Records


Learn how to access and unseal adoption records in your state so you can learn more about your adoption.


The Best DNA Testing Services for Adoptees


Curious about your adoption genealogy? These three adoptee DNA testing services could help connect you with biological family.


Was One of Your Ancestors Adopted


Do you know if one of your relatives was adopted? Here's how adoption can affect your family genealogy.


Involving Parents in Your Adoption Search


Adult adoptees who are curious about their birth parents often worry that beginning an adoption search will hurt their (adoptive) parents’ feelings. Here are some ways to involve your parents in your adoption search, tips for talking to them about your decision and more.


When Your Adoption Search Ends in Disappointment


Searching for birth family as an adult adoptee is difficult enough, but sadly, even for those who are able to find their birth family, some reunions end in heartbreak. Here are some tips for adoptees to prepare for the possibility of adoption reunion rejection or to cope with the aftermath.


Navigating Your Post-Reunion Relationships with Birth Family


If you’ve reunited with your birth family as an adult adoptee, navigating your new family dynamics can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your post-adoption-reunion relationships with your biological family members.


Should You Use an Adoption Reunion Registry?


Through an adoption reunion registry, adult adoptees and birth family members can announce that they’re willing to be contacted in the event that the other person is searching for them. Here’s how adoption reunion registries work, and where to sign up for your adoptee search registry: