Available Adoption Situations Across the Country

Did you know right now there are a number of women across the country looking for an adoption situation with an adoptive family?



There are instances in which an adoption professional is contacted by a prospective birth mother, and for a variety of possible reasons, the adoption professional may not have the type of adoption opportunity she is looking for.

Known as “available adoption situations” or “pop-up situations,” these situations are often opened up to interested adoptive families beyond those already working with the adoption professional, in hopes of finding an adoptive family with which she feels comfortable to move forward with her adoption plan.

An adoption situation may arise because:

  • the adoption professional doesn’t have waiting available adoptive families
  • the birth mother decided on adoption late in her pregnancy and needs to find an adoptive family in a short period of time
  • the birth mother requires additional financial assistance
  • the birth mother has certain items in her social or medical background
  • the birth mother seeks a specific type of adoption situation

For families who are flexible and open to a variety of adoption situations, these adoption situations can provide an opportunity to be matched quickly.

To be considered for one of these adoption situations, interested adoptive families must have a completed and approved adoption home study and an adoptive family profile, which will be shown to the prospective birth mother for consideration.

If you find an available adoption situation and you contact an adoption professional about it, they will show your profile to the prospective birth mother. If she is interested in moving forward, you will receive more information about the adoption situation and will likely have an opportunity to get to know her better. However, it is important that you are completely confident that you are willing to move forward with the adoption prior to your profile being shown.

Please note that in interstate adoptions, some prospective adoptive parents may not be eligible for an adoption situation due to state laws.

To see a list of current available adoption situations for which you may be eligible, please visit the agencies below: