Legal Process of Adoption

Throughout your adoption journey, you will likely discover that there are many legal issues that can impact your adoption — and you may feel overwhelmed by all there is to know about the legal adoption process.

While most adoption laws vary by state, there are some legal requirements that have the potential to impact every adoption. In this section, find articles about ICPC, ICWA, and other federal legislation impacting adoption, as well as the information you need to feel comfortable with the legal adoption process, from termination of parental rights to post-placement visits and finalization.

I’m Adopting

Termination of Birth Parent Rights

Learn about the steps involved in the termination of parental rights, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and how state laws may affect this process.


What is ICPC and Does it Apply to Your Adoption?

If you are adopting through a national agency, you will likely be traveling across state lines once your baby is born, and must comply with ICPC regulations.


Understanding ICWA - Indian Child Welfare Act

ICWA preserves Native American families, tribes and culture by governing adoptive placements of American Indian children, and could affect your adoption.


How Do Post-Placement Visits Work?

Post-placement visits are an important step to finalization. Find out how to successfully complete your post-placement visits here.


Adoption Finalization - How to Legally Complete Your Adoption

Finalization is the official completion of the legal adoption process that awards legal custody of their child. Find out the steps required for finalization.