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Adoption Interview Questions: What to Ask Adoptive Families or Birth Parents

Once a prospective birth mother and hopeful adoptive family are matched, they can begin pursuing an adoption plan together. If you are participating in an open-or semi-open adoption, the time before the baby is born is a great opportunity to communicate, get to know one another, and ask questions.

A hopeful adoptive family should let the prospective birth mother lead the conversation, as she will likely have a lot of questions. At the same time, families should explicitly show that they are interested in getting to know her and learning about her life.

A prospective birth mother can and should ask the adoptive family about anything that concerns her or is important to her. Getting to know the adoptive family will help her feel as confident as possible in this very important decision.


Home and Family


Work and Hobbies

Parenting and Adoption

Final Thoughts

As birth parents and adoptive families pursue an adoption plan together, communication can lead to a happy and rewarding adoption experience for everyone involved. The more you get to know one another, the more confident and prepared you will feel moving forward in your adoption journey.
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