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Fort Smith Adoption and Foster Care Resources

Whether you are interested in adopting a child or are considering placing your baby for adoption in Fort Smith, Arkansas, there are local adoption and foster care resources available to you. The following provides information about local adoption agencies, home study providers and other adoption and foster care services in and around Fort Smith. Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state can be found on our Arkansas adoption page.

Fort Smith Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Whether you are ready to begin the adoption process or are simply looking for more adoption information, local adoption professionals can be great resources for the services and support you need. The following adoption agencies serve the Fort Smith area and are experienced in meeting the needs of adoptive and birth parents in Arkansas: There are also many national adoption agencies and other Arkansas adoption professionals who can provide the support and services you need to adopt or place a baby for adoption in Fort Smith.  

Become a Foster Parent in Fort Smith

If you are interested in fostering a child in or near Fort Smith, you will need to meet all Arkansas requirements for foster parents and complete the home study process. A licensing worker will visit all prospective foster homes and meet with foster family members to ensure that all requirements are met. For more information about foster care and foster-to-adopt placements in Fort Smith and throughout the rest of the state, visit Arkansas Foster Family Services. The following local agencies and resources can also provide additional information about becoming a foster parent in the Fort Smith area:

Completing the Home Study in Fort Smith

The home study is a major component of every adoption and foster placement, and home study requirements are determined by state statutes. Information about home study requirements, qualifications and approval are available on our How to Adopt in Arkansas page. When you are ready to begin the home study process, contact any of these legally qualified home study providers in your state:
  • American Adoptions (AR) 1-800-ADOPTION American Adoptions is one of the largest domestic adoption agencies in the country and offers both international and domestic home study services throughout the state of Arkansas.
  • Grace Adoptions 501-764-0677 Grace Adoptions is a licensed child placement agency in Central Arkansas that provides faith-based services for children, birth parents and adoptive families.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Arkansas home study providers.

Hospitals in Fort Smith

If you are an expectant mother making an adoption plan for your baby, you will have many choices throughout the adoption process, including complete control over your hospital stay. You will create a hospital plan, which includes your preferences for who is in the delivery room with you, how much you will interact with the adoptive family, and more. The delivery hospital will be aware of your hospital plan ahead of time to ensure a smooth labor and delivery process. When you are ready to make your hospital plan, here are some local hospitals that you may be able to work with:

Adoption Laws and Qualifications

Hopeful adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption in Fort Smith commonly have questions about local adoption laws, qualifications and processes. Adoption laws are determined by the state and can be found on our adoption in Arkansas page. Below is an overview of some of the types of laws and regulations impacting adoptive and birth parents in Fort Smith. For Birth Parents Many birth mothers and fathers have questions about the laws, rules and qualifications for placing a baby for adoption in Fort Smith. Information about adoption consent, relinquishment, birth father rights and more is available here. For Adoptive Families Adoptive parents will need to meet certain eligibility requirements before adopting or fostering a child in Arkansas. State laws also regulate adoption expenses that can be paid by adoptive families, adoption finalization requirements, and more. These laws and regulations for adoptive families in Arkansas are available on our state adoption information page.

County Courts

The final step in the legal adoption process is finalization. If you are finalizing your adoption in Fort Smith, Arkansas, find your local courthouse and other information about finalizing your adoption in Sebastian County. Things to do in Fort Smith Many parents who adopt from Fort Smith end up spending some time in the area, either visiting prospective birth parents or waiting for their ICPC paperwork to be processed. If your adoption plan brings you to Fort Smith, consider visiting the following local attractions:
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