5 People I’m Grateful for as We Wait to Adopt


I firmly believe the phrase “It takes a village” was not meant to only refer to raising children. My husband and I are evidence that the best way to go through an adoption is with your “village.” We have been blessed with the community of people surrounding us as we began and continue on this journey of adoption and wouldn’t want to do it any other way. The people in our village have helped to support us in the ups and downs of our adoption process thus far.


Our parents were the first to know of our adoption plans. Their joy at our news gave us the initial encouragement we needed to begin this long process. They offered advice and gave us good questions to ask along the way. Their prayers would continue to see us through, and my mom is even willing to travel with us when our adoption takes place.


We are more than grateful for the friends that surround us on a daily basis and even more so now that we have seen their support for our family as we announced our adoption. We have friends who we do life with and who have committed their time and money to seeing our adoption come to fruition. They have made monetary and sacrificial donations and helped coordinate fundraisers. Our friends have been our encouragers and sometimes our shoulders to cry on. Some offer advice in difficult circumstances, and other share in our hope for the baby to come soon. All of our friends pray for us and our family as we seek to add to our family through adoption.

Adoption Consultant

We are indebted to our adoption consultant for their guidance and knowledge while on a course that started out so foreign to us. She has and continues to answer countless questions, calm our nerves, offer advice, share her wisdom, and even offer encouragement through the difficult days. We would be lost without her professional help and genuine care for our family.


Our pastor has supported our family and been diligent in asking our church family to pray for us. He stands as a constant reminder that God called us to adoption and He will see us through.  


We need each other for different reasons and on different days. Some days he’s stronger than I am through the wait. Some days I remind him that God’s plan will be perfect and our journey one day understood. But no matter the day, we could not survive the waiting, emotions, joys, and struggles without the most important support from one another.


Jill is a 31-year-old wife and mom. She has been married to her husband, Brannon, for eight years and has 4-year-old and 3-month-old daughters. Jill and her husband are currently in the adoption process to bring another baby into their home. Jill lives in a small community in Kentucky. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish and obtained her Master’s degree in Christian Ministries. Jill’s passions are her faith, her family, writing, playing sports, and eating good food. 

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