Adopting in the Digital Age


The use of internet search engines, social media sites, and online communications have totally transformed our lives and the methods we use to connect with information or other people and, like anything, must be used with common sense and wisdom. One thing that has been profoundly affected by the new digital age is the discovery of information and the process of adoption.

The fact that you are able to go to an online search engine, enter the subject to inquire about, and be presented with countless sites containing information regarding your search changes the spectrum of knowledge for almost anything. So, when someone wants more information about adoption or may be considering adoption for their family, there is so much we can have access to by the click of a button. The internet offers many positive and some negative elements to the adoption process, and knowing how to best navigate through it online will offer you better understanding and more peace of mind.

Trusted Sites

When searching online for adoption information or to find offices and agencies that can assist in an adoption, the first thing to be attentive to is finding reputable and trustworthy sites. Whether you are just looking into the steps of the adoption process or trying to find an agency to work with for your adoption needs, do so with wisdom and a little patience to connect to sites that represent adoption accurately and legally. Information found online can lead to adoption fraud or just a misrepresentation of the laws or requirements of the adoption process, and being responsible when searching online is a top priority.

Know What You Want

When researching your adoption options, know what you want as you gain information and make a decision. Do you need someone to just match you with a birth mom and their provision stop there? Are you wanting someone to answer all your questions and provide assistance in the process? Would you rather work with an agency in your hometown where you can meet frequently face to face, or have you weighed your alternative of working with an adoption consultant who connects you to several agencies across the United States? Do you want a Christian agency, or would you feel more comfortable operating through the office of an adoption lawyer? The internet has become a great resource for compiling this information and being able to better assist you in making these decisions for your family.

Licensed and Legal

Another very important detail when looking online for someone to work with as a potential birth mother or an adoptive family is to ensure that the agency or lawyer has a license or certificate that allows them to legally complete the adoption process. In doing this, you will also have assurance that the professionals will be qualified and support you as you make decisions throughout the adoption.

 How to Communicate

When going through an adoption, the internet can be a tool used when communicating with all those involved. Online profiles are even an option now for potential birth mothers to see when trying to choose an adoptive family. Social media accounts have also been used in open adoption between the birth family and adoptive family to share pictures and comments about the child. When discussing an adoption or an adopted child on a social media site, both parties should be in agreement to communicate in that manner, and everyone’s feelings concerning the adoption should always be taken into consideration before making any posts online. Wisdom for both families and the representation of the child needs to be considered if choosing to communicate via social media about an adoption.

In most cases, the digital age has made a positive impact on the adoption world. From the information that is at your fingertips, you are able to compile information, become better educated, respond to comments or questions, and communicate effectively for adoption purposes.

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