Adoption Health Insurance for Birth Moms and Babies


Health insurance can make your life easier, rattle your brain with confusion, or both. Insurance companies do not always have the reputation for being the most simple to understand. So, when you are dealing with adoption as a birth mom or a prospective adoptive family, questions can arise when trying to ensure everyone involved assumes the appropriate coverage.

If you are going through an agency or an adoption lawyer, your adoption professional would be the best place to start when dealing with questions about insurance coverage. Their knowledge of the process will provide you with a better understanding of your options no matter what side of the adoption you find yourself on.

For Prospective Birth Mothers

When considering adoption for your baby, deciding how medical expenses will be covered can be stressful and overwhelming unless you are directed by someone who can offer clarification and understanding. Contact an adoption professional to answer your questions and help explain how the process would work in your situation. There are different factors that would come into play when determining the finances of an adoption’s medical expenses:

  • Do you already have some type of health insurance?

    Private or state-funded? Either way, an adoption professional would be of assistance when forming a plan for which doctors to see in your coverage network and may have referrals to practitioners they have used in the past. They will also be able to help determine what your deductible and total out-of-pocket expenses would be on your plan, which will help the agency and prospective adoptive family know how they can assist with those payments. Remember, as a woman considering adoption, your medical expenses will be covered for you by the adoption agency and adoptive family — regardless of your insurance situation.
  • Are you uninsured?

    An adoption professional will know the proper networks and offices to call and try to decide if you qualify for a Medicaid program or what your state-funded options might be to supplement yours and your baby’s medical expenses.

Depending on your individual circumstances and state laws, an agency or adoptive family will be able to help with any payments that are not covered by insurance. When considering what would be the best decision for you and your baby, an adoption professional can be there to help guide you to better clarity and less stress.

For Prospective Parents when Adding an Adopted Baby to Insurance

Adding any family member to your health insurance can be a daunting task in and of itself, but the process may require a few more steps when the family member is joined through adoption. An adoption professional can also be a big help when navigating the process.

Here are some additional tips that may help to ensure you have the necessary adoption insurance coverage:

  • You can contact your insurance provider and speak to an agent who can direct you on where to start once the baby is born. The coverage for an adopted child is required by law to be equivalent to that of a biological child.

  • As adoptive parents, you will be responsible for the baby’s medical expenses when he/she is born. Knowing what is required and the information needed by the insurance provider before the date of birth arrives will make the process go much smoother.

  • As with biological children and most insurance providers, you have a 30-day time frame between the time of consent and adding your adopted child to the insurance policy.

  • As prospective adoptive parents, even though you may have private insurance, there are also options if adopting across state lines that your adoption professional can assist with when determining the best scenario for the baby’s medical coverage. The important thing to know is to ensure that baby receives the proper coverage and there is no lapse from birth to placement of the baby.

If you still have any questions about the health insurance of the birth mother or an adopted baby, please feel free to contact an adoption professional.

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