3 Ideas for Creative Adoption Party Invitations


The beautiful thing about the internet these days is that there’s a template for everything. Luckily, that includes adoption party invitations. If you aren’t sure what these should look like, whether you’re looking for adoption shower invitations, adoption finalization party invitations, adoption baby shower invitations or adoption invitations for an older child, there’s something for everyone.

To help you in your search for the perfect invite, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite suggestions. Whether you’re hoping to purchase adoption invitations or simply looking into adoption party invitation wording, we think these will help you out.

1. Use a cute theme.

 If you aren’t sure what to say on your adoption invitation, it can be helpful to choose a theme. Some families do more wistful invites that say things like, “Dreams do come true!” Others have done invitations with missing puzzle pieces, while some families opt for more simple themes announcing adoption parties.

2. Include a photo of your child.

If you are hosting an adoption celebration after bringing your child home, consider choosing a template that includes a photo of your latest addition. Templates like this one give you the chance to show off your new child!

3. Incorporate a Bible verse.

There are many references to adoption in scripture, and some adoptive families choose to include their favorite verses on their adoption shower invitations. If you like a template that doesn’t include its own verse, you can always ask the designer to add one in or do so yourself. Take this design, for example — a Bible verse could easily be added to the bottom of this invitation.

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