5 Essential Guidelines for Choosing the Best Adoption Profile Pictures


Choosing the right photos for your adoption profile is important — after all, they will likely be the first impression you make on expectant mothers considering adoption. But, how do you know which pictures to include? How do you capture your family in just a handful of images?

We know that deciding which pictures to use for your adoption profile can be stressful, so we’ve gathered a list of five essential guidelines to keep in mind during your profile process.

In general, adoptive families should choose photos that are:

1. Up to date.

Your family has made a lot of wonderful memories over the years, and it can be tempting to take a walk down memory lane and share that history in your adoption profile. But remember that you have limited space to showcase your family, and a prospective birth mother wants to see what your lives are like now — and what her child’s life would be like with you going forward. Stick with photos from the past few years, and stay even more current when using pictures of any other children you may have; kids grow and change quickly!

2. Varied. 

There are many wonderful qualities that make your family special and unique — so make sure the photos you choose for your profile reflect that! Pick a wide variety of pictures that highlight your individual personality and interests, as well as your relationships with your family members and friends. A wide variety of photos will help paint a more vivid picture of your personality and lifestyle for prospective birth parents.

3. Genuine.

First impressions matter, and it’s natural to want to present yourself in the best possible light in your adoption profile. But before you hire a photographer to capture posed family photos and professional headshots, consider what potential birth parents are looking for in adoptive families: most expectant parents want their children to be raised in homes that are warm, inviting and fun-loving above all else. The best adoptive family profiles include photos that capture you in your natural, day-to-day life, doing the things that you love. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t include a posed family portrait or two — just remember to also include a variety of “action shots” that capture your true personality. 

4. High-quality.

While the majority of your profile pictures should be natural and relaxed, you also want to make sure they’re of decent quality. Avoid using pictures that are dark, blurry or otherwise hard to see. Again, every picture doesn’t have to be professional quality — but crisp, well-lit photos will help to make a good impression of your family.

5. Expressive.

The purpose of your adoptive family profile is to help prospective birth mothers get to know you — so it’s important to use photos that tell your story! Make sure your faces are visible in your profile pictures; avoid using pictures that obscure your faces with shadows, hats or sunglasses. Photos that clearly show your faces and express emotion are more inviting and help prospective birth parents get to know you better.

Choosing pictures for your adoption profile can take some time and thought, but creating a beautiful, inviting profile is well worth the effort it takes!

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