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Announcing Your Plans to Adopt – Adoption Announcement Ideas

There was a time when adoption was a closely-guarded secret, known only to a few close family and friends. Today, it is just another way to begin a family, and a big cause for celebration!  After months, possibly years, of mulling over the decision to adopt, it is only natural to want to scream it from the rooftops once you’ve finalized your plan. But how should you make that announcement?
Today, pregnancy announcements are often carefully planned proclamations, often involving photographs and props.  Adoption announcements should just as exciting. No matter how parenthood comes to you, it is a big deal. Share your news!
Here are a few fun ways to announce your adoption:

  • Use a map or globe – outline your child’s birth place with a heart, and take a picture of your family holding the map, with a caption about being “on an adventure” to pick up your new family member.
  • Use your pets – up the cuteness factor by getting your pets involved. Each pet can wear a sign mentioning that you’re adopting or that their mom and dad are getting them a human. If you have a dog that isn’t opposed to clothing, have them wear a “big brother” or “big sister” shirt.
  • Use your other children – if your new addition is going to have big siblings, let them make the announcement. They can wear a “big brother” or “big sister” shirt, but add some lettering about “arriving TBD.” If you are waiting to announce your adoption until after it is finalized, how about this absolutely precious idea — take a picture of your older child opening the door and finding their new sibling waiting for them. So darling!
  • Wear your announcement – there are some pretty creative alternatives to the “Baby on Board” t-shirt these days. For an adopting mom, wear a shirt that says “Paper Pregs: adoption in process.” Or “Not showing but still glowing.”
  • Use a puzzle – families sometimes refer to a new member as the “missing piece” of their puzzle. If you are adopting internationally, find a puzzle of a map of the world, remove a piece and use the caption “We’re on an adventure to find our missing piece.” Or cut out a large piece and use it in a photo with the caption “We’re waiting for our missing piece.”
  • Use empty baby/child gear – how darling are little chairs, little shoes, little shirts? Photograph them with the simple caption “Waiting for you.” Set little shoes in between family members’ big shoes with the caption “Our family is growing by two feet.”