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Doc McStuffins to Make Adoption the Highlight of Spring Episodes

One of Disney Junior’s beloved characters, seven-year old Doc McStuffins, will be welcoming a new sibling in the spring episodes. Unlike Doc and her brother, the new member of the family will be adopted!
Doc McStuffins focuses on the titular character Doc, who wants to be a doctor and devotes her time to fixing broken toys. With the help of a magical stethoscope, she takes off on adventures of all kinds, traveling in time and bringing her toys to life. Some of these animated toys make regular appearances in the episodes. Also important to the show are Doc’s family members – her mother is a doctor, her father is a stay-at-home dad, and she has a younger brother named Donny.
On March 4, the new series of Doc McStuffins episodes, will begin, and the new storyline will focus on the family’s journey to adopt a baby. The preview (which you can view on YouTube) approaches adoption in a very positive way, and the whole family expresses its excitement over the new addition to their “forever family.”
The new storyline will make a great resource for parents who want to introduce their child, adopted or not, to the subject of adoption. Be sure to tune in to the Disney Channel on March 4 for the beginning of the series!