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Documentary Will Explore Those Most Affected by Russian Adoption Ban

The Russian adoption ban and its repercussions have certainly been in the news lately, but a new documentary will delve into the issue with more detail — focusing on the innocent people most affected.
To the Moon and Back,” a film by Susan Morgan Cooper to be released this fall, takes a deeper look into the history of the adoption ban by Russia and how it did (and continues to) affect U.S. families and Russian orphans desperately in need of homes.
Cooper told Adoption.com the inspiration from the film came from a Russian girl named Olga who approached her at one of her screenings, saying “‘You must make a film about the Russian adoption ban.’”
“My mission was to make the public aware of what was going on so that they could understand what exactly was the adoption ban,” Cooper said. “More importantly, my mission is to bring the children caught in the ban, many of whom have disabilities, home to their loving families in the U.S.”
The documentary explains how political retaliation between Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Barack Obama eventually led to the adoption ban in 2012 — as well as how Putin attempted to turn the blame on Americans and gain support from his people for the ban. Today, about 250 families are still waiting to adopt the children they fell in love with before the ban, some even taking steps to sue the Russian government. It’s estimated that 650,000 Russian orphans in total are still waiting for homes — homes that, prior to the adoption ban, many American families provided.
Unfortunately, the Russian adoption ban is a complicated issue that won’t be resolved easily, especially with new political situations adding fuel to the fire. However, any attention brought to this terrible situation is a step in the right direction.
You can watch the trailer for “To the Moon and Back” below and stay up-to-date on release information by liking the film’s Facebook page. To help make a difference and start bringing these adopted children home, contact your congressman or congresswoman or state representative to express your concern for repealing this ban.