About Children in Foster Care

Children in foster care come from many different backgrounds. They are of all different races, genders, and ages, from infants to young adults. Many are older or part of a sibling set that needs to be placed together. They may have varying physical, mental and emotional needs.

However, all of these children have a few things in common: They have been placed in foster care, through no fault of their own, due to issues like abuse, neglect and abandonment. In many cases, they have been removed from everything that is familiar to them, including their families, homes, friends, schools and communities. They have all experienced some degree of trauma and loss. And all of them need safe, loving homes, whether through temporary foster care or adoption.

Below, learn more about the various children awaiting adoption in foster care so you can better envision the types of adoption opportunities that might be right for your family. Whether you are looking to adopt a toddler or a teenager, a sibling group or even a relative who has entered foster care, the information below will help you get started.

Foster Care