How You Can Show Your Support for World Adoption Day

And What You Can Do to Make this Day Special

Every year, adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees, and the people that love and support them have a special day all about them — World Adoption Day.

World Adoption Day is a special occasion to celebrate families that have been created through adoption and takes place every November 9. The goal for today is to spread awareness about adoption in our community. You may even know someone who’s been on this amazing lifelong journey!

There are so many ways to celebrate World Adoption Day; here are just a few!

1. Share your adoption story

Some families show off their beautiful family and write a description about what World Adoption Day means to them. For example, parents can share how adoption has changed them and talk about what their journey to parenthood has been like. You can share your photos through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay.

2. Spread a smile

One of the most popular ways to raise awareness for adoption is to draw a smiley face on your hand with a sharpie, and post a selfie with the same hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay.

3. Give back

Donate to families that need financial help making their adoption a success.

For more tips and ideas on how to celebrate today, visit World Adoption Day’s website to find more events near you.

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