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Haitian Central Authority to Cease Accepting Transition Case Applications

January 14, 2016: The Department of State (Department) and the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) wish to advise U.S. prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, and adoption service providers of a new transition case deadline established by the Haitian Central Authority, L’Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches (IBESR).  IBESR will cease accepting dossiers for U.S. transition cases on February 12, 2016.  We strongly advise U.S. families who have an eligible transition case and have not yet filed their transition dossier with IBESR to file their dossier with IBESR before the February 12 deadline if they want to continue as a transition case.
The Department and USCIS remind U.S. prospective adoptive parents that IBESR may not be able to match all eligible prospective adoptive parents who applied using the transition process with a Haitian child before April 1, 2016.  We will share additional information as it becomes available for families who are unable to obtain a match from IBESR and meet the transition case criteria.
The Department also alerts prospective adoptive parents residing in or traveling to Haiti to exercise caution and remain abreast of the security situation throughout the current electoral period.  The Haitian government has rescheduled the final round of elections for January 24, 2016.  Please see the Department’s Travel Alert for more information.
(Update Courtesy of USCIS.)