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How Licensing and Verification of Agencies Affect Adoption Wait Times

The adoption process is a life-changing experience that will move you closer to your dreams of starting a family. It can feel overwhelming as you begin the adoption process, but when you work with a licensed adoption professional, your dreams of being parents will become a reality through a safe and secure process.

Also, a licensed adoption professional means you’ll have access to the most accurate and honest adoption wait times. To help you feel confident as you begin your search for an agency, here are the top three best adoption agencies in the U.S. to work with.

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Top 3 of the Best Adoption Agencies in the U.S that Offer Low Adoption Wait Times

1. American Adoptions

American Adoptions is a full-service, fully-licensed domestic infant adoption agency that works with adoptive families and birth parents across the U.S. Through extensive licensing and annual review by state officials, American Adoptions is one of the safest adoption agencies to work with.

Additionally, American Adoptions’ wait time is 9-12 months making it one of the only agencies that offer the lowest wait time possible. They also have many notable services, such as:

  • Financial Protection: Any money you invested in the adoption gets refunded directly back to you in the event of an adoption disruption so you can continue to pursue adoption at your own pace.
  • Shorter Average Adoption Wait Time: Through its extensive marketing and outreach, American Adoptions has a 100% success rate for families who remain active and more than 30 years of experience in creating 13,000 families, making it the only agency with accurate adoption wait time estimates.
  • Adoption Video Profile Services: In an effort to further decrease adoption wait times, American Adoptions offers video profile services to give prospective birth parents a glimpse of your lifestyle and desire to become parents. When choosing an adoptive family, video profiles are a deciding factor for birth parents.
  • Industry-Leading Marketing: American Adoptions invests significant resources towards prospective birth parents so that you can experience the lowest average adoption wait time. To get the same exposure from another adoption agency, you’ll need to join the wait list at 25 other agencies at the same time.
  • Much More

American Adoptions will be by your side through every step of the adoption process. As a licensed agency, they are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure safe, honest and legal practices. To get in touch with American Adoptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION now.

2. Family Connections Christian Adoptions

As one of the largest private adoption agencies in California, Family Connections Christian Adoptions can help adoptive families and birth parents throughout the entire state. On top of that, they’re also licensed to complete adoptions throughout the country. There are many adoption agencies in California that don’t have a wide-ranging scope as FCCA does.

Some agencies are only licensed in a handful of counties and would need outside professionals to complete the parts of the process. When you work with FCCA, your entire adoption will be completed under one roof. Additionally, their average wait time for adoption is no more than 18 months, but it could be faster or slower depending on your situation.

Some of the comprehensive services FCCA offers include:

  • Post-placement visits: To get you closer to adoption finalization and ensure all post-placement requirements are satisfied.
  • Finalization assistance: Your adoption professional and attorney will prepare and file your adoption finalization paperwork. They will also arrange your finalization hearing.
  • Home study services: As a fully licensed adoption agency, FCCA will help you complete any home study requirements such as background checks, in-home visits and more.
  • Help you make your adoption profile: To help introduce your family and your home to prospective birth parents.
  • And More

To learn more about adoption in California, fill out this contact form to get in touch with an adoption professional now.

3. Gladney Center for Adoption

Gladney Center for Adoption offers a private domestic adoption program that helps adoptive families and prospective birth parents with the adoption process. If you’re interested in pursuing adoption through Gladney, you must be open to the diverse background of children and must live in the U.S.

The average wait time for domestic infant adoption through Gladney can take up to three years. Gladney’s domestic infant adoption program offers:

  • Flexibility in the adoption process
  • Assistance developing a family profile
  • Guidance from an experienced staff
  • Parenting education
  • And more

Choosing an Adoption Professional

Overall, the adoption professional you choose can drastically affect your adoption journey. Working with the right professional ensures that you’re put in the best possible adoption situation and that your dreams of becoming a mom and dad are fulfilled. Are you ready to begin the adoption process? Fill out our contact form now to get started.