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How This App Will Make Your Open Adoption Easier

Open adoption contact is an exciting and fun way to keep adoptive families and birth parents up to date on each other’s lives. But, sometimes, the logistics of this communication can be complicated, especially in semi-open adoptions where identifying information isn’t shared between parties of the adoption.
While some agencies mediate contact by managing the sending and receiving of letters and pictures, not all do — leaving some adoptive families and birth parents to wonder how they can easily and confidentially share pictures and updates in an easy way.
For that, there’s the app 23snaps.
Unlike traditional social media platforms, 23snaps provides a way to share photos with a select group of family members and friends — and the pictures involved are never made public. The app allows you to make digital journals with photos, videos and short captions, even creating a timeline as you add more and more media. It’s accessible via phone, computer, tablet, and users can even receive updates by email instead of visiting the site. The photos shared on the app can also be printed off into photo books or print orders. And, best of all, it’s completely free.
For birth parents and adoptive parents, 23snaps is a great way to share photos and videos in a confidential, private manner. Members of the adoption triad can easily view and add photos at their convenience straight from their phone, rather than having to print out photos and send them via snail mail. And they’ll know that everything they share is completely private, always owned entirely by them. To learn more about how 23snaps may work for your open adoption, check out the website or download the app to your mobile device.
As always, talk with your adoption professional about your open adoption options and the services they provide to you. They may have additional suggestions for keeping in touch with the adoptive parents or birth parents and ideas for how you can best utilize technology like 23snaps to create positive, healthy open adoption communication.