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How to Place a Sick or Special Needs Baby for Adoption

When you’re an expectant mother, finding out that you’re carrying a sick or special needs baby can be difficult. But, when you’re choosing adoption for your baby, this can make the process even more overwhelming. Will you be able to find adoptive parents who want a sick baby? Will your adoption process be different because of your baby’s special needs?
If you’re wondering, “Can I put a sick or special needs baby up for adoption?” know that adoption is just as possible for you as it is for any woman carrying a child who is not sick or doesn’t have special needs. There is always the perfect family for every baby, so don’t worry — you will be able to find supportive adoptive parents who will love and cherish your child, no matter what.
If you find out your unborn baby is sick or has special needs, it’s important to learn as much as you can from the right professionals so you’re fully prepared for your unique adoption process.

Your Doctor

Your OBGYN is likely one of the first people who will tell you if something isn’t right with your unborn child. After they diagnose your baby, they can tell you exactly what to expect from your child’s special needs. They can also communicate this to your baby’s future adoptive family and your adoption professional to make sure everyone is properly prepared for the challenges ahead.
Maybe you’re an expectant mother who intended to parent before finding out your child is sick or has special needs. Once your doctor explains to you what your baby’s diagnosis will mean as they grow up, you might be considering adoption instead. That’s totally okay; knowing that you can’t provide the care your baby needs and choosing adoption is not “giving up” your baby or being a bad mother. Instead, it means you’re making the selfless choice to find a family for your baby who can provide all of the care they’ll need as they grow up.

Your Adoption Professional

Your adoption agency will work closely with you to find a family that’s perfect for your baby with special needs. While most adoption agencies can help you find a family for your child with special needs, there are also agencies that specialize in the process of putting a special needs baby up for adoption, like:

Your Support System

When you’re an expectant mother choosing adoption for your sick or special needs baby, you will likely go through a highly emotional journey from your child’s diagnosis to their placement with an adoptive family. That’s why it’s so important that you have a support system of family and friends whom you can lean on during this difficult time. You may want to reach out to support groups for birth mothers whose children have special needs or support groups for families of children with special needs to learn more about what you may expect for your child’s future and from your future semi-open or open adoption.
Your adoption professional may be able to connect you with other birth mothers who have placed special needs children for adoption or appropriate support groups for your situation. They may also be able to refer you to a trusted counselor or therapist to talk through your feelings with you.
Placing a child for adoption is never easy; choosing to go through the process of putting a special needs baby up for adoption can be even more overwhelming. But, with the proper support system and experienced professionals, you’ll be able to create an adoption plan that you’re comfortable with and that will provide your baby a family who is prepared for the unique challenges of their condition.