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I'm Single – Can I Adopt a Child?

If you are a single adult and you have no serious criminal record or history of abuse of children, then more than likely, you will be able to adopt a child. This is a rising trend, particularly when it comes to adoption. In 2011, nearly one-third of adoptions from foster care were completed by unmarried people, including single men. But while the law is permissive regarding single people adopting, there are certain cultural and institutional biases that can affect the ease with which single people can adopt. Fortunately, society has become increasingly accepting of single people raising children on their own.
All adoptions in the State of New York require a home study, which usually includes an interview with the particular adoption agency you choose to utilize. The Court will also need to approve of the adoption in order for it to become finalized. As a single person, there will be certain questions and scenarios that you should anticipate and offer solutions for. Some questions the authorities will ask are:

  • Who will help you when the child is sick and you need to work?
  • Who will be the guardian in the event of your death or disability?
  • Do you have trusted friends or family who can help you care for the child if you get stuck at work or out of town on travels?

A single person adopting must be prepared for these questions — more so than a married couple. You will also need to show that you are financially able to care for the child, since you will most likely be a working parent, bringing home only a single income. None of this is meant to discourage you from adopting a child, but simply to make you aware of the inherent suspicion from the courts concerning the ability of a single parent raising a child all on their own.
The adoption home study can feel invasive — a social worker will inspect your house and ask personal questions about your family and friends. It is important to remember that the state is relinquishing care and control of a child to you, and the best interest of the child is of paramount importance to the courts. While these questions and studies can feel uncomfortable, it is all done to ensure that the parent and child are set up to have a successful adoptive familial relationship.
If you are seriously considering adopting a child as a single person, there are many factors for you to consider, including how it will affect your future dating life (including the possibility of marriage). It will certainly affect your finances and free time. Seeking out the advice of a licensed, competent attorney will go a long way in answering any questions you might have, as well as allowing you to fully consider all of the implications an adoption might have on your life.
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Anthony Zurica is an Attorney specializing in Adoption Law and a guest writer for Considering Adoption. Based in New York City, Anthony stands by his clients as an ally and friend during the entire process of adoption, from application to successfully becoming a parent.  Although adoption can be an emotional and oftentimes lengthy process, Anthony is committed to being there every step of the way, 24/7.
Dedicating his life to inspiring optimism and encouraging patience, Anthony works closely with individuals and families. Furthermore, Anthony is a proponent and advocate for LGBT families.
Anthony also volunteers as a CASA (court-appointed special advocate for children), and is on the junior board of the New York Foundling, a charity that that empowers thousands of children and families to live independent, stable and fulfilling lives throughout NY. Find out more and feel free to get in touch through his website, www.nycadoptionlawyer.com, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.