International Adoption Processes and Resources

If you’re just beginning your international adoption journey, you may have any number of questions: How is international adoption different from domestic adoption? What does it mean if an agency is Hague-accredited? And what exactly is a dossier?

In this section, you can find the answers to all of these questions and more. The articles here will give you information on the Hague Adoption Convention, the steps of the adoption process and who can help you with them, how to compile your dossier and obtain a visa for your child, and why re-adoption is important for all families.


International Adoption Process – How to Adopt from Another Country

You now may be wondering exactly how to adopt a child from another country. While parts of the process are similar to what you would find in a domestic adoption, other parts are more complex. Click to learn more.


What is the Hague Adoption Convention?

The Hague Adoption Convention is an international treaty put in place to protect children adopted internationally. How might it apply to your adoption?


How to Get a Visa for International Adoption

Your international adoption is almost complete when you start to obtain a visa for your child. Afterward, you will be ready to take your child home.


International Adoption Dossier Checklist

You will need a dossier to complete your international adoption. That documentation will help verify that you are ready to adopt.


Organizations Involved in Your International Adoption

Many organizations will play a large role in your international adoption journey. Click the link to learn more about these organizations.


When You Need an International Re-Adoption

Completing the re-adoption process is highly recommended for all parents adopting internationally. Here is why they are encouraged to do so.