Georgia Bill Would Allow Adoption Agencies to Refuse LGBT Parents


The Georgia Senate passed legislation on Friday that would give adoption agencies the right to turn away hopeful parents based on religious grounds.

Sponsored by Republican Sen. William Ligon, SB 375 would allow adoption and foster care agencies that receive taxpayer funding to turn away qualified LGBT parents, unmarried couples, single parents and other qualified adoptive families based on the organization’s religious beliefs. The measure passed by a vote of 35 to 19.

Opponents of the bill, which will now be sent to the House, say it amounts to state-sanctioned discrimination. The Human Rights Campaign has called on the Georgia House to reject the measure.

A similar bill was signed into law last summer in Texas, causing adoption organizations in the state to reaffirm their commitment to protecting all types of families, regardless of religious affiliation or sexual orientation.  Adoptive parents in Georgia and throughout the country are encouraged to do careful research and select adoption professionals that are open and welcoming to families from all backgrounds. 

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