Proposed Legislation Would Eliminate Adoption Tax Credit


The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” Republican lawmakers’ tax reform proposal announced this week, would eliminate the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. If the legislation is approved by the end of the year, any family that finalizes their adoption after the start of 2018 will not be eligible for the tax credit.

The adoption community is responding in strong opposition to the proposed legislation. Save the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group issued the following statement in response to the proposed bill:

“We are deeply concerned by the elimination of the adoption tax credit within the House Republicans’ tax reform proposal. Billed as a framework to help American families, it does exactly the opposite by cutting a credit designed to help American families adopt children. If passed, it will be harder and more expensive for American families [to adopt]. For the children in the United States waiting to be adopted and brought into a loving home — the current proposal as it stands will make that much tougher to do.

“The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, a coalition of adoption and family-building advocates, nonprofits, attorneys, and religious organizations, will do everything we can to fight this audacious proposal. There are too many children and American families at stake.”

The House tax committee is set to begin considering this legislation on Monday, Nov. 6, and the legislation is expected to be sent to the House floor for debate and a vote shortly thereafter. Lobbyists continue to urge congressional lawmakers to #SavetheATC.

But we need your help.

  • Contact your representatives today to voice your discontent with the proposed elimination of the federal adoption tax credit. Visit now to send a message to your members of Congress.
  • Share your personal story on social media using the hashtag #SavetheATC. Find your local representatives here, and be sure to tag them in your posts.
  • Share this post and encourage others to join the conversation. The more pressure put on legislators, the better.

This bill is not the final word in tax reform, and there is still a revision process ahead. Your voice on this issue will continue to make a difference for the thousands of families and children this legislation will impact.

For updated information about the Adoption Tax Credit and the steps you can take to save it, follow Save the Adoption Tax Credit on Facebook.

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