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Sign the Petition to Save U.S. International Adoptions!

The increasing restrictions on and subsequent declining numbers of international adoptions by American families has inspired a petition to the White House for change.

In an effort to influence the State Department of Intercountry Adoption’s regulations on adoption oversees, Save Adoptions has created a petition on Petitions.Whitehouse.gov to urge the Trump administration to not only investigate the causes of the 80 percent decline in intercountry adoptions since 2004 — but to also solve the U.S. international adoption crisis.

The petition is just the most recent call in an uproar against the recent regulation changes regarding adopting internationally as an American citizen. The U.S. Department of State added a $500 intercountry adoption fee after one of two international accrediting entities closed its doors in February. In addition, since November, the Trump administration has been reinterpreting international adoption regulations to make the process more difficult for hopeful parents.

All of these steps combined have added to the acceleration of a decline in international adoptions by American parents — while the same number of children abroad remains in need of loving, safe homes.

Save Adoptions’ petition notes that the leadership at the U.S. Office of Children’s Issues has been unresponsive to the adoption community. The petition emphasizes the need for pro-adoption leadership to increase the number of ethical international adoptions and states that “the adoption community stands ready to work with the Administration to implement various achievable solutions to help orphans find loving, permanent families.”

The petition must receive 100,000 signatures by April 16 to receive a response from the White House. Add your name to the list here.

You can also contact your local representative here to make your voice heard.